Sunday, January 7, 2018

Six Months To Our Best Body Ever; Month One Lets Get Healthy And Sexy!

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and can actually see the bad food and bad choices you have made reflected on your skin, hair and even teeth? Well I have and thats all it took me to make some changes to my diet for the better. Here are the things I'm adjusting in my lifestyle to achieve my health and fitness goals and every Sunday I will start sharing new workouts, recipes, tips, and gear. Anything I feel will help us get The Our Best Health And Body Ever!  

 Lets quit drinking sodas, fried foods, and fast foods. This is not my first time trying to clean my diet and I bet its not yours either, so lets not make the same mistakes we have in the past. Notice that nothing I mention is a true necessity. Trust me you DO NOT need a soda or the poison they are feeding us in these Fast Food "Restaurants". 

If you feel like having a burger search a good reviewed restaurant known for their burger and REALLY treat yourself. Have a milk shake instead of that coke but hold the fries. The Key is balance. 

I cant explain what's different now then before but I LOVE WORKING OUT!! I had to say that in all caps because in all honesty I hated to work out. Like I used to do it, but the whole time I'm wishing I was somewhere else. I now look forward to it, I push myself harder and I love to feel the BURN! Right now I work out from home using Youtube videos and I enjoy it more then going to the gym. My husband is actually in the process of setting us up a Gym in the basement, I'm so looking forward to not having to put away my weight and matt after every workout. 

Below I shared the links to my favorite Youtube fitness channels, in these ones I usually find the right workout for the day and I can also decide how long I need it to be. 



Group HIIT

I like to switch it up every day but always have one muscle group as the focus. Here is my current workout schedule:

So this is the beginning, the beginning of bettering ourselves. I want to make sure that we are all clear on something..... I'm giving myself six months to be in the best health and shape of MY life, your goals and mine can be completely different. It might be that you want to gain or loose weight, whatever your goal is give yourself six months to get there. In six months we will set new goals for the next six months! 

If you ever feel like giving up just remember that its a long process but quitting now will only make it longer. But also don't quit because you want this reaction in six months.......

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