Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Scentbird Bath & Body Care Monthly Subscription!

There are two things that I love in this world, body care and perfumes. Scentbird now has this amazing addition to their monthly perfume subscription. Four body scrubs, and six hand creams to choose from. I got to try four of their hand and body products and I'm in love. 
The hand creams are rich but fast absorbing, leaving behind silky smooth hands and an unbelievable fragrance. My favorite of the two is the Rose & Prosecco with its notes of roses, champagne and pink musk I cant stop smelling my own hands. 

The body scrubs are amazing, different from others because I found them to be more moisturizing then actual exfoliation but when I washed it off my skin was silky smooth and with a beautiful scent. There should be no surprise that my favorite one is the Coconut & Sugar. 

Its easy, if already subscribed you can try one instead of the perfume or upgrade your subscription to keep receiving the perfume of your choice plus a skincare or hand cream of your choice! 

Original Scentbird Review HERE 
Product: Scentbird Bath & Body
Website: Scentbird.com 
Price: $14.95 

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