Saturday, January 6, 2018

Is My Scar And My Stretchmarks Gone? One Month Dermaclara Clarafuse Silicon Fusion Follow Up!

I had the oportunity to try Dermaclara and see if it really helps fade scars, for those off you that don't know or didn't see my video on Instagram here is the details. 

Dermaclara is a Silicone Fusion Treatment that reduce stretch marks, scars, keloids and fine lines quickly and comfortably- without painful injections, laser, or expensive and high risk surgeries. It is meant to give you medical grade results at home. 
The heart shaped Silicone Fusion sticks to the skin and can be applied almost anywhere on the body. I used one on stretch marks and one on each of my breast, to see how it helps fade my scar from my recent breast reduction. 

I also received a cleanser, which they recommend before applying the Silicon Fusion. The Claraline is a Peptide Fusion Serum recommended to use after you remove the Silicon.  
I also received a Claratone, a micropulsating device technology that helps enhance product absoption. It was pretty cool to use, it vibrates and feels pretty cool. 

I did not see much change in my abdomen area from the Dermaclara, except for the skin looking brighter and healthier no change was noted in the stretch marks. I will blame this on the fact that they are older then they probably recommend for the effectiveness of this treatment. 

The big change is clear on the scar on my breast, its a new scar (only 3 Months) so it worked really well. I can tell the improvement immediately and the area also feels smother. Here are my results after one month of using it every other night for 7+ hours....... 

Overall I'm very happy with my results, for my size scars it worked great. I will say that for the use of stretch-marks, unless its only in a small area it really does not cover much ground. Which if you consider the price tag is not a great value, for scars, or a small area of stretch marks, wrinkles it makes it worth it. 

The patch is good until it stops sticking, which happened right around the one month mark. I would love to keep using this to see more improvement of my scars. What do you guys think, is the improvements noticeable to you? 

Product: Dermaclara Silicon Fusion Treatment
Price: Starts At $29
Steffany's Choice For Scars: YES! 

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