Tuesday, January 9, 2018

DIY Of The Week: Have Minty Fresh Breath Always With These Three Home Remedies!

  Lets start this post off but stating the following, there is very few things more tortures than speaking to someone that has bad breath. Its also one of the most uncomfortable feelings when you suspect your own breath is not as fresh as it can be so here is three reasons people can have halitosis (aka stinky breath). 

1. Poor Hygiene is probably the most common and the most obvious. If you don't brush your teeth, floss and rinse properly at least twice a day then this might be the cause of your not so fresh breath. Its also important to not forget to regularly clean your tongue. If you are doing all this and still don't feel like your breath is as fresh as it can be, invest in a mouth wash that contains Zinc like Tom's of Maine Wicked Fresh! mouth wash sold HERE

Supplementing with oral zinc and eating zinc-rich foods like spinach, oysters, pumpkin seeds, and wheat for instance, might be an even better approach, as it can address the problem from the inside. 

"Zinc deficiency is associated with poor healing, immunity and inflammation. Halitosis from oral disease can benefit from zinc supplementation".-via The book Drug-Free Guide To Digestive Health By: Heather Caruso .
2. Another main cause of bad breath is not drinking enough water throughout the day. Our mouth is filled with Bacteria that feed off the food particles left behind after we eat. Rinsing your mouth out with water after every meal or snack can help prevent them from eating, which avoids the releasing odor-causing byproducts that end up stinking up breath. There now you have another very important reason to start drinking more water. 

"Believe it or not Dehydration is one of the most common causes of bad breath" - via @foodmattersfilm. 
3. Gut health is also a main cause of bad breath and one very effective way to keep your gut clean is by consuming probiotics. Probiotics are good live bacteria and yeast that are good for your digestive system and overall health. I take HUM Gut Instinct available HERE  if you want to purchase ever Code:121384 to save $10 off your order of $29 or more. 

Extra Tip: Herbal Teas also help flush your system of heavy metals, bad yeast and many other toxins in our body. Teas like stinging nettle tea, fennel, sage, peppermint or lemon are all great options. 

Please Note: These are not sponsored links or a sponsored post, all opinions are my own from research and if not my own word the author is given credit. 

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