Monday, January 8, 2018

Best Dressed, Makeup And Hair At The Golden Globes 2018!

I love award shows they are not only great as entertainment but also as makeup and fashion inspiration. The Golden Globes is definitely one of my favorites, its always so exciting to see which movies take the price and when one of you favorites get the globe its even better. 

In the past I would share my favorite and worst but this year I want to be more respectful of others taste and idea of beauty. So instead 
I rounded up only my top favorite dress, hair and makeup looks from this years 2018 Golden Globe. 

I love Angelina Jolie, she will forever be my WCE, I think she looks so stunning. Her hair, makeup dress I love everything! I think I sense a makeup tutorial on this look maybe?.... 

Eva Longoria looks absolutely stunning pregnant! I love her in this phase of her life, and her makeup looks beautiful. 

Halle Berry is Goals, I  mean she looks AMAZING! She stood out to me because of how comfortable and relaxed she looked. Her makeup artist created the most perfect minimal makeup look on her, its flawless.

Can we please take a minute to appreciate Jessica Biel's toned and sexy ass arms! Her makeup is giving me all the spring vibes that my cold feet need right now and her Dior dress is stunning! 

I am so proud of my girl Mariah Carey, I mean she looks so good! This is one of her best looks in my opinion, we all know she's a lover of the mermaid cut dresses but she wore this one perfectly. Her hair and makeup look great too. 

I really love how Zuri Hall looked on the red carpet, everything from her makeup to her hair and dress I was really loving. It reminded me of a long version of a dress I wore recently. Her confidence on the red carpet is just everything!

Last but not least the beautiful Dove Cameron AKA Mal from Disney Descendants, my daughter Valentina will be so happy her favorite villain is in my list of best dressed. She looks beautiful, the simple bow brings back youth to her formal back gown. Her hair and makeup look flawless she really looks beautiful here. 

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