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My Pursuit Of Eternal Youth With Nurse Fiona Featuring: Viva by Venus Versa With PRP Facial Review!

Aging is inevitable. Aging gracefully while for a very lucky few happens naturally, for most is a choice. A choice we can make everyday when we decide to put sunblock in the morning before heading out, the choice to wash our makeup off every night, the choice to invest in good skin care products, the choice to try some of the many DIY's out there to help your skin look its best. One of the most important routines for me in my hopes of aging gracefully is having a good facial every month. If you have been following for some time then you know I love Nurse Fiona and her staff. They stay up to date with the latest and best skincare treatments and they are just the most genuine and knowledgeable people to have looking out for my skin. 

Two weeks ago I went in to try the Venus Viva with PRP facial, a non surgical skin resurfacing that corrects signs of skin damage and improves the appearance of acne scars. It improves the appearance of enlarged pores, deep wrinkles, uneven skin texture, rosacea, scars and stretch marks. Adding your PRP to the Venus Viva is optional but its so worth it. 

PRP is short for Palette Rich Plasma it is obtained by drawing the patient's blood, spinning it down in a centrifuge, drawing off the layer of Platelet Rich Plasma (rich yellow liquid). Fiona Drew two vials, one to apply with the Venus Viva and one to inject directly into my skin. The benefits of PRP are when injected into the skin it helps repair, rejuvenate and remodel damaged tissue. All this means is more collagen production in the ares injected, which helps with fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture, enlarged pores and uneven skin tones. 

Before Your Treatment: 

Avoid products like Retin-A, scrubs, sun bathing, and salicylic acid for at least one week before treatment. 

The Process: 

The Esthetician will do a skin analysis to determine what strength is best for your skin concerns and skin type. Then the Esthetician starts by numbing a small area on the back of your neck where she will test the strength to make sure you are comfortable with it and your skin has no reaction. If you are adding the PRP Fiona would have drawn your blood around this time as well. 

The Venus Viva treatment on its own lasts around 45 minutes, with PRP about about one hour and a half. The whole treatment was very comfortable for me, I would rate the "pain" level to a 1. The best way to describe the feeling is like light pins on the skin. 

The second vial of PRP was then injectected by nurse Fiona, the pain level for this part was between a 3-5. The eye area surprisingly was the least painful, around the mouth was a very pinchy and burning sensation.

The After Care:

My skin was immediately red and as the numbing cream started to wear off I can start to feel the "burning" and discomfort one feels after a sunburn. It also felt dry and hard from the dried up plasma.

As always the aftercare is all up to you, the results will be more effective if you follow the recommendations given by your esthetician and nurse. The aftercare is very simple in my opinion; No sunscreen for 24-48 hours after treatment so stay indoors! Use a mild cleanser for the first week or two after your treatment and avoid scrubs, or any harsh products. 

I was given a post care product kit to use the cleanser, I washed my face the next day so I can have the plasma doing its thing overnight. My routine convicted of only two steps; Mild face wash (Ormedic By Image) and a light moisturizer. 

Overall I'm satisfied with the results so far, I have some breakouts which is very normal after any facial treatment. The only negative I would say is my skin was not back to normal as fast as I was expecting. On day 6 I could still see the squares the laser leaves behind but nothing makeup couldn't cover. The whole process of the Viva was painless and fast, the PRP was a little more uncomfortable but very bearable. I can notice a difference under my eyes and in the brightness of my skin. 

I would definitely get the treatment done again every few months to maintain a youthful complexion! 

The treatment can be done every 4 weeks if targeting major issues, for preventative treatment it is recommended every 3-6 months. 

Where: Nurse Fiona Medical Spa HERE
Treatment: Viva by Venus Versa
Price: $500 
Add PRP for $300
Mention @steffanyschoice at checkout and receive 20% off your spa treatments. 

For more information I might not be including here or a list of contradictions go to the Venus Viva website HERE

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