Saturday, November 25, 2017

Life Update: Four Girls, A Breast Lift And Lots Of Goals!

As some of you may know I have been giving this blogging thing a go for a LONG time now, way before it was even so popular. Its something that I genuinely love to do and every time I let life get in the way and stop doing it, I cant stop thinking about it. I wanted to start making these life update, this way I not only keep my self accountable for the goals I set for myself but to also keep it 100 with all of you. According to my Facebook history it was a little over six years ago that I first uploaded a video to youtube, six years is a long time. 

During those six years I stayed active for maybe half the time, I would start blogging consistently make a little progress then stop. Well my friends that is why today November 20017 I am not any where near as successful in the blogging word as my peers that started blogging around the same time  as me. There are days that this makes me feel a little frustrate with myself, but these past six years, while I have not been consistent with my blog I have been consistently growing as a wife and mom. 
I am now the mother of four beautiful girls, we moved in to a dream home last year and I am now more clear and focused on what I want to gain from "influencing". 
The one thing that people fail to realize is that blogging takes A LOT of work, I find my days struggling to make time in the day to get some post up. There is so much details that go into it now, everything is so saturated and there is where someone starting can get discouraged.

I always get asked the same questions, how do I start a blog, how can I be successful. My answer is always the same: do what I haven't done, be CONSISTENT!! I cant stress that enough, its unbelievable the amount of engagement I get when I'm consistent. The second most important, be genuine I refuse to post or share anything that I wouldn't recommend to my family or use myself. Last, make sure its something you truly love and enjoy or it will not work out. My last advise for anyone wanting to start a blog? make a schedule, plan out your week every Sunday, this is where I struggle because I have five lives that depend on me and can change the course of my day on any given moment. That being said if you have it written down on a calendar it will most likely get done. 

I will end this part of my life update with this quote that its as real as the Six and a half years that has passed since I uploaded my first video: " Don't think about what can happen in a month. Don't think about what can happen in a year. Just focus on the 24 hours in front of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be. 

Mama Got A Boob Job 

Breastfeeding my girls was always the plan, it was something that I can never imagine not doing. I bonded with them in a way that no one else in the world can. That beautiful experience however left your girl with her Double D boobs looking like a hot mess! I knew I needed a lift and a reduction even after Gabi (13) but there was no way I could ever live with the idea I wouldn't be able to breastfeed any of my kids so I patiently waited to be completely done having babies. 

The truth is I always felt guilty for wanting to get a breast lift, my family however were all so supportive that after Camila my angel baby, I went and did something for me. The thought of going under the knife was the most stressful thought I ever dealt with. I could not shake the possibility that I could die. I cried so much and honestly thought of not going thru with the surgery many times. 

I will not get to into the whole logistics of it but I am happy to say even after some complications I am happy I did it. I was hoping for a smaller cup but because of all the excess skin I had, the implant had to be of a larger size. Today almost 3 months post-surgery I am almost back to normal. I think when all the inflammation is gone I will be a true C cup which will be great. 

So thats my life update, I look forward to 2018 being the best year of my life! 

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