Friday, October 20, 2017

I Used Carbon Coco To Whiten My Teeth And This Is My Results!

I know by now we have all heard by now about the efficiency of charcoal to whiten teeth. However I had never used it before so this is my review.  I was sent a little package from Carbon Coco to try and give my honest opinion to my readers!

A description From their Website:  

Made from 100% certified organic coconut shell charcoal, Carbon Coco not only brightens your smile, but also improves your overall mouth health.Our medical grade activated charcoal powder removes toxins, stains, and plaque from your teeth through a process called adsorption, in which activated charcoal binds with these particles and flushes them out of your teeth and mouth.The super finely milled polish won’t damage your enamel or gums and also contains bentonite clay, a natural ingredient that helps remineralise teeth plus a hint of lemon myrtle, which has gentle and non-acidic antibacterial properties.

How do I use it?
Wet brush in small and dip into the carbon, gentle circles (no need to brush hard!) for 2-3 minutes. Rinse, then brush with Carbon Coco toothpaste for 3 minutes. This is best used before bedtime to allow residue (if any) to dislodge overnight.

My Review
I have been using Carbon Coco for five days in a row now and I'm ready to give my review. I used it as recommended and can say it works! Its definitely not an overnight thing were you will get instant results but every day my teeth look whiter. 

       The Pros:                                            The Cons: 
         All natural                                              Messy 
        No Sensitivity                                 Time Consuming   

I have to say, the charcoal can get messy, when opening the jar no matter how careful I was there was always fallout on the sink. Also it takes about 7 minutes to the whole process and add 5-15 minutes if you add the oil pulling which I did not receive to try and review. 
That being said I prefer to use this versus other methods that make my teeth sensitive and only targets the color. Carbon Coco has so many more added benefits that really gets me excited about brushing my teeth! 

Product: Carbon Coco 
Price: $59.90
 I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my viewers. This review is not sponsored by Carbon Coco but they did send me the products to try and give my honest opinion. 

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