Saturday, September 2, 2017

I Tried Kim Kardashians KKW Beauty Contour Palette And This Is My Review!

I don't know if I'm alone here but when Kim Kardashian announced that she would be releasing her beauty line I could care less. Let me clarify that I don't either love or hate Kim, I find her to be a beautiful and very hard working woman that turned a negative into a multi-million empire. Her first release was the contouring sticks that I absolutely knew I did not want or need to try, the powder contour kit however did catch my attention. 

I watched a few of the Youtube videos she's brilliantly doing to promote her products and I was convinced that this may be a winner. On the launch date I went to the KKW Beauty website and to my surprise they were all available, the website was running smooth, no check out lines. I picked the shade medium and proceeded to the check out. The palette itself is $52 plus a $8.95 shipping fee, I don't know about you but I thought that was pretty high. 

The palette comes with four pans, two highlight shades and two contouring/bronzing shades, it also includes a double ended brush. My first impression of the palette is pretty, I like the nude packaging and the feel. The palette has a very nice big mirror and the pans are fairly large, the colors however looked a lot more orange than I was expecting. This immediately gave me a bad feeling since orange isn't really the shades I want on my contouring and bronzing kit. 

I proceeded to do my makeup how I normally do and then used the contouring kit, using the brush it comes with was very hard. The brush itself is larger and stiffer than I like my brushes to feel. After unsuccessfully using the brush I proceeded to use my own brushes. The color did apply smoother, however I was only able to use one of the two contouring shades. The orange shade is to much on the face but it was nice on the eyes. The highlighting shades were too ashy on my skin, it accentuated my pores and did not give me that glow I was looking and hoping for. I did my whole eye makeup with the palette as well. I apologize for not swatting the products in my arms they were not photographing well and I had to run out. The contouring color I was able to use on the face blended out really nice and looked great. 

I have to say this palette is not worth the hype or price, I feel its way to over priced and the formula needs some major improvements. My main disappointment is that Kim is a medium shade, I assumed that if she was putting any thought on the creation of her palettes, the one palette that should be on point is the medium. The highlight are to chalky on my skin and just don't work, and the brush like I said don't help the powders blend smoothly. If I was Kim I would put a little more thought on creating shades more complimentary to ALL skin shades. I would also make the brush softer and one end skinnier for a better highlight application. All four colors looked good on my eyes, but thats not enough to justify this purchase. 

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