Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dior Holiday Couture Collection Smokey Eyes - Lips Palette Review!

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Dior is one of my favorite brands to splurge on in makeup, the  brand always seems to impress me with the quality and presentation of their products. However this one did not quite do it for me.... Lets start with the pros, the eyeshadows are beautiful, highly pigmented and go on like butter. The little pouch is adorable, but the lip "maximizer " and lipstick leave so much to be desired. I did not notice andy difference on my lips and there is no pigment to the lipstick, it does smell nice but thats about it. 

Overall its a beautiful palette, the colors are not so different from anything thats out there and the vaseline (lipstick) that comes did not show on my lips at all. I'm glad that I saved my receipt because this one is going back since I can't justify the price for only three eyeshadows.

Purchased: Sephora 
Price: $62

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