Thursday, November 19, 2015

Anti-Aging 101: Six Tips And Secrets To Look Younger And More Awake!

There is nothing that gives up our age (or ages us more) than the skin around our eyes. Fortunately for us if we properly take care of our eye area, we can prevent and even repair signs of aging like wrinkles, dark circles and puffy eyes.

  • The first tip and most important is prevention, we do this by not exposing our skin to the sun without sunblock and wearing sunglasses to protect the delicate skin around our eyes. 
  • Apply eye creams rich in antioxidants and vitamins, a great eye cream should have active ingredients that combat a few issues at once. I'm currently using and loving THIS ONE
  • Visine yes little old visine is my number one tip for my clients that complain of always looking tired. Bright eyes are one of the first tricks of looking more youthful and awake!
  • Lashes, lashes, lashes I swear it is incredible some of the before and after of my clients after they get eyelash extensions. Faux lashes can take years of you and give you and instant (no knife) eye lift! 
  • Concealer is a must for looking more awake and youthful, the trick is finding one that won't crease on you and if it has added benefits even better, like THIS ONE
  • Last but not least highlight, yes you are reading correctly. If used correctly highlighters work wonders for faking a more awake look. One of my favorite places to use them is under the brow, it immediately lifts the area giving you a more youthful look. I also love using it in the tear duct and a  beige pencil in the water line to open up the eyes. 
Dont forget that good diet, not smoking and getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep play a very important role in how well we age! 

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