Saturday, October 10, 2015

Magic In A Bottle!

Nothing is sadder then looking at your favorite heels sitting pretty on in your closet more than they do on your feet! I mean as much as I love fashion and heels. As a mother of now three I need to be comfortable, so when I first saw another blogger on instagram rave about this serum I had to try it for myself. 

Sole Serums main ingredient is lidocaine which works by numbing your feet (blocking the foot pain signal to reach your brain) allowing you to feel virtually no pain when rocking your favorite heels! I purchased two because I was afraid it might sell out, yes I know I can be very excessive like that but let me tell you IT WORKS! As soon as I received it I ran to my closet and choose my most uncomfortable pair of shoes (Christian Louboutin So Kate) and put it to the test. Normally I can "comfortably" wear these standing up for like 5 minutes, but with the serum I was comfortable for a whole HOUR before even starting to notice discomfort.

I simply followed the directions which read: 

1. Apply 2-3 Pumps Per Foot
2. Wait One Minute For It To Dry
3. Continue Your Day Pain Free! 

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