Friday, April 10, 2015

Imats 2015...

Hey loves, I wanted to do this quick post to let you know my experience this year at theIMATS. I decided to only buy a ticket for the pro event this year because of my pregnancy. To be honest I will probably only attend the pro event from now on. It was such a difference from last year, there weren't so many lines and the few brand owners I came across were more laid back and wanting to actually talk.

My experience was definitely a good one and I look forward to trying the products I purchased and reviewing them. There are a few tips and observations I want to share for those of you who will be going tomorrow or Sunday. 

First things first bring CASH, it avoids many things like over spending, fraud, and also your bank might think the purchases are fradulant and block your card. I actually had this happen to me and it was a pain  and embarrassing. 

Second do create a list of things, and or brands you want to by from. The moment you walk in there you will be overwhelmed with everything that's going. 

Third don't be afraid to check the prices, while most companies claim that things are 20-40% discounted. Today I found out this is not true for all, and there was one company who actually marked up a few of their items and when questioned the owners response was that you are saving on shipping and taxes.... Fishy 

Finally enjoy yourself, walk around interact with other makeup lovers, watch the presentations. By doing this you might also give yourself time to think thru on what you really want to purchase. I definitely recommend you bring a camera, and please remember to charge it and put a memory card (I made the last mistake :/) 

Here are two pics I took, I only had my phone and no battery!!! Lol 

With Anastasia Beverly Hills!

With Angel Merino A.K.A  MAC_DADDYY


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