Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Product Review: Beso Eyelash Adhesive

If you have been reading my blog for some time than you probably have read in a post my battle with my sensitive eyes. I have been on the lookout for a eyelash adhesive that won't make my eyes red, watery, and irritated. I decided to order and try this adhesive with high hopes that it would become my HG but unfortunately I'm still looking....

  • Long Lasting
  • Did not Irritate My Eyes (while wearing lashes) 

  • It sticks to my eye lid and eyelashes and DOES NOT come off unless you "peel Off" which irritates my eyes even more :(
  • I loose about 30 precious eyelashes every time I use this
  • It has latex so I do not recommend to use on your kit as your client might be allergic to it

Overall I don't completely hate it and I know I can count on this adhesive to keep my lashes in place all day and not have to worry about it falling off, or my eyes running. The issue really is the removal, and the bald spots I now have on my lashes :(

Bold Spots and Irritation 


  1. I heard this particular lash adhesive is not even lash adhesive, but weave glue. She doesn’t list the ingredients on her website which further leads the that speculation. Her instagram account was flooded when someone found the ingredients list was the same as weave glue in comparison, which clearly states keep away from the eye! She then proceeded to block and delete all the comments that her customers were concerned about. Sad and not very professional.

    1. Not only is she ripping people off for lash glue! She deleted me and my friends for complaining about her makeup business!Beso is the worst businesss ever! My friends and I made appointment for a mardi gras ball a month ahead of time for makeup with beso. We waited 2 hours after the appointment time while others who had appointments after us were able to get their makeup done. When this was questioned, michelle came out to say that the assistant would explain the schedule! We continued to wait while listening to sexually explicit music that should NEVER BE PLAYED IN AN "HIGH CLASS"(as they have called themselves) ESTABLISHMENT! He then came back in the studio and stated to me that he didnt want her stressed out and we needed to chill! He also stated that my 7pm appointment was voided and I fell in with my friends 830 appointments! This was not told to me even when I showed up at 7pm! We begin to discuss our options at this point. We were thrown out with rude, very harsh ,and nasty comments all because we were discussing and deciding to forego even getting our makeup done at this point! I reviewed and complained about this business on other sites and through direct email, hoping they would just do better in the future. I received over 20 disrespectful emails saying that the my complaints about the business as well as my friends and I are irrelevant. They were not worried and would stay booked! Under the google review they implied that my friends and I were these loud, ignorant, fingerlickin fried chicken and eggroll eating women who were disrespectful and the complete opposite of ladylike behavior therefore unworthy of their brush! The truth is the food was consumed in the chinese restaurant on the corner. An eggroll was offered to another friend when we returned. Michelle did come out rudely, after overhearing this eggroll being offered even though she did not even greet us when we came in and offered a dirty table in a dirty break room for my one friend to consume said egg roll! She actually ate it outside! These people are very unconcerned with times and schedules and when you complain about the business, you're still met with rude disrespectful comments and they blame anything and anybody for their lack of courtesy and knowledge of what customer service is all about!


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