Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Henna Art Experience!

I have been looking forward to getting a henna art for EVER, and after seeing all the hype on Instagram I decided to reach out to a local Henna artist and finally do it. I met with Heather and she was so friendly and welcoming, I was a little shy to show her what I wanted done because I thought it would be too time consuming. But I was pleasantly surprised and embarrassed when she told me it was a very simple 10 minute design. We sat down and I asked a few questions and all the answers are available in Heathers website. I did ask her about "Black henna" and she informed me of  how its actually very dangerous and not really henna, just a very toxic ink that is not recommended to be used on the skin. (google it for more info)

Quise compartir con ustedes mi primera ves haciéndome un tatuaje de Henna y les puedo decir que me encanto. Me junte con una artista local con mas de 10 años de experiencia y me fascino su historia. La verdad no sabia que esperar, pero me contesto todas mis preguntas y se tomo su tiempo. Al mirar las fotos podrán ver que ya a la semana se estaba borrando y esto es debido a que vivo básicamente lavando las manos y untandomelas de alcohol para desinfectar. Esto causo que se me fuera la tinta mas rápido. Una pregunta que si le hice y quiero compartir con ustedes es que la tinta negra, como quizás la han visto en fotos por instagram es muy peligrosa y tóxica hacia que tengan mucho cuidado y busquen mas información antes de experimentar y tener secuelas graves. 

Henna By Heather

The whole thing took her about 20 minutes, only because we were talking and she was taking her time.


This how it after I brushed off henna paste... about 40 minutes after (thats how long it took me to get home)

This is how it looked the next day!

This one is exactly a week
My henna art did not last as long because as you all may know I'm an Esthetician, my hands are always dealing with water and disinfecting with alcohol. Overall I would definitely get it done again especially for a special event!

Heather does Henna Parties, Weddings, Baby showers, Corporate or any Special event you might be planing. For pricing or more info contact:

PHONE: 1-877-6-henna-6
Website: Henna By Heather
Instagram: @hennabyheather
Facebook: Henna By Heather

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