Saturday, May 3, 2014


I finally attended the IMATS and boy was it fun! I loved every single moment, if you love makeup this is definitely something to experience for yourself. There was so many beautiful faces different styles from funky, dramatic, artistic, etc. Everywhere you looked there was something to be inspired from. I can honestly tell you guys that I was not prepare for this at all! I can only say that I should have taken a break from shopping for makeup at least 6 months in advance.

The lines was CRAZY but everything was really organized, until they opened the doors... The excitement took over some of the ladies and there was some pushing and skipping going on but overall it did not ruin my experience. 

This picture was taken at the end of the day after hours of standing in line as you can tell by my wrinkly shirt!

I couldnt help taking a picture with macdaddy, I will honestly say that I thought he was more warm and friendly but I found him shy and cold. His makeup did look flawless thought ;) 
Day two waiting for the train! 

With Kelly Bakers creater and owner of KBB
I found Kelly by accident and she was a complete sweetheart very genuine and sweet, I purchased the brow powder and duo pencil... Review coming soon!

Some of the the awesome live beauty fantasy competition!  

If you have not seen Jordan Liberty's makeup tutorial on youtube then you are missing out from learning a few tricks and tips. I was looking at his lashes and he actually approached me to complement me. He was so lovely and we talked for a while I must say hes skin is like porcelain soooo flawless I wanted to touch to feel it but he would have thought I was cray cray. I purchased three of his lashes, reviews coming soon...  

I met this cutie the first day and I was sooooo in love with her face she is so pretty and her makeup was just perfection. Makeup By Jenny was in the violetvoss booth and on both days she helped me pick out beautiful colors some worn by her on that day. Reviews on the pigments, glitters and eyeshadows I purchased from Violet Voss coming soon...

P.S If you have seen me in person then you know by now that I am not photogenic at all and almost all these pictures from IMATS demonstrate that. To get a good looking picture I take a dozen and even then I dont look right I hesitated putting these up because I HATE how I look on ALL of them but oh well! 

My purchases consisted of some personal buys but mostly products for my studio and travel kit. I stocked up on lashes, disposables, shadow shields, concealers, foundations, lip palettes. I will be doing reviews on most of the items as I use them on my self or clients.

 I was not able to get my hands on any Lime Crime, Sigma, Sugarpill products the lines was SOOOOO long and ten minutes after opening some products were sold out already. If I can make it to next years IMATS I will definitely attend the Friday event for PROS only so that I can take advantage and get everything I want before they open to the public.

Overall this was such a unique experience Im glad I did both days because I was so overwhelmed the first day that I really didn't take everything in. I hardly took any pictures because I didn't want to be distracted by my phone (some Blogger I am). My tips to anyone planning to attend is to definitely start saving money, make a list of the things you want, look cute BUT PLEASE wear something comfortable; there is a lot of walking standing in line I saw girls looking so uncomfortable on their 6 inch heels. Go with friends or alone and make new friends over there If you love makeup this is definitely an experience worth living at least once!

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