Monday, May 19, 2014

Drugstore Product Fail Of The Week: Sonia Kashuk Sunkissed Pressed Powder!

I hope I'm not the only that has ever purchased a product because of how cute it looked.... or in this case because it has my first name initial on it. I have to be honest I was not expecting to love this product but I have always had a good experience with Sonia Kashuk's product line so I wasn't expecting it to suck either. Well it pretty much just looks cute. Its a pressed powder not a bronzer I was clear on that but still it just has NO PIGMENT! I tried a brush, sponge, my fingers and I can't see this product doing anything for my face not even the gold pigments show.

Espero no ser la única que ha comprado un producto debido a lo linda que se ve... o en este caso porque tiene mi inicial en él. Tengo que ser honesta, no esperaba  amar este producto pero siempre he tenido una buena experiencia con la línea de productos de Sonia Kashuk así que no esperaba  tampoco que fuera malo. Bueno es bastante malo, no es un bronceador estaba clara, si no un polvo de retoco pero aun así no tiene pigmento. Traté de aplicarmela con un pincel, esponja, mis dedos y no puedo ver este producto haciendo nada para mi cara ni el de pigmentos de oro se ve en mi cara.

 I went as far as trying it on a lighter and a darker skin tone than mine to see if it was just not working on me but I couldn't see it their skin either. I want to know if anyone has ever tried this powder and what was their experience. I guess thats what I get for buying something for its looks and not doing research before hand. 

Pense que quizás era por mi tono de piel, pero después de intentarlo con pieles mas clara y una mas oscura y obtener el mismo resultado ya estoy convencida de que el producto no es bueno!

I am so curious to know which products did you buy only based on how it looked and did it sucked or was it a win win?

Estoy curiosa por saber que product ustedes han comprado solo porque el empaque era atractivo y si resulto bueno o malo el producto?

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  1. Hmmm, I can't think of a product I bought just for the packaging that i didn't like. I usually like her products, so i dunno what's up with this one. Oh well live and learn i guess hehe :)


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