Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Product Fail Of The Week: Le Volume De Chanel!

I cant even believe i'm even writing this post right now Chanel usually ranks really high on my lists of products but this mascara is a total fail. I tried every single possible trick to get my eyelashes to not clump with this mascara but it was all in vain. Another thing that made this mascara suck even more is that it takes forever to dry so when I blink it transfers to my bottom lashes and lid ruining my makeup! Chanel can do so much better then this definitely for the price tag they put on their products. 

No puedo creer que incluso estoy escribiendo este reviso Chanel generalmente ocupa un lugar muy alto en mis listas de productos, pero esta mascara es un fracaso total. He intentado todos los trucos posibles solo para conseguir que mis pestañas no luzcan como cacatúa  pero todo fue en vano. Otra cosa que hizo este rimel apestara aún más es que dura mucho para secarse y termina transferiendose arruinando mi maquillaje! Chanel puede hacerlo mucho mejor definitivamente para el precio que ponen en sus productos.

Purchased: Macys
Cost: $30

Good Luck/ Buenas Suerte! Xxx

Just one coat and so much clump!



  1. I got this as a sample and really hated it, but a girl I worked with recommended putting a drop of eye makeup remover in it to break down the consistency a little and it really helped!

    1. oh this is a great tip I will definitely try that and see if it helps! Thanks Xx


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