Friday, November 22, 2013

It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product Review!

I'm going to be completly honest with you, I never thought I would be buying this hair treatment at all! It was very hard for me to believe that one product could offer so many benefits but just like BB creme sit proved me wrong. I purchased this a few weeks ago and have been using it in everyday! I can't believe how soft it leaves my hair and doesn't weight it down at all. As an added bonus it smell delicious too! I will be trying out some more of this lines products and hopefully they are as amaizing on my hair. Have you tried it's a 10 miracle leave in? 

The 10 Things It Does Instantly:
  1. Repairs dry, damaged hair
  2. Adds shine
  3. Detangles
  4. Controls frizz
  5. Seals &protects hair color
  6. Prevents split ends
  7. Stops hair breakage
  8. Creates silkiness
  9. Enhances natural body
  10. Flat iron & thermal protector

Good Luck! Xxx

Voy hacer completamente honesta con ustedes, nunca pensé que iva a tratar este producto. La verdad es que de me hace muy difícil creer que un solo producto hiciera tanto por mi pelo. Estava muy equivocad pues este producto es excelente! Me encanta y realmente botó la diferencia al husarlo. Lo que más me gusta es que no me pone el pelo grasoso y le da un volumen hermoso y huele hermoso! As tratado este producto? 

Las 10 Cosas Que Hace Instantaneamente: 
  1. Repara el cabello seco y maltratado
  2. Añade brillo
  3. Desenreda 
  4. Controla la humedad
  5. Sella y protege el color teñido
  6. Previene las puntas habiertas
  7. Previene la partida de cabello
  8. Crea suavidad
  9. Crea volumen natural
  10. Protege el pelo del caliente 
Buenas Suerte!Xxx


  1. Wow can't believe this product does all those things. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is like a BB Cream I keep meaning to try it, you've sold it to me! lol


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