Saturday, November 23, 2013

My Favorite Makeup Brushes Of 2013!!

 I have been wanting to do this blog post for some time now but picking favorites out of all my makeup brushes was a hard task. I decided to break the list down to my MOST used brushes instead. These are the ones that no matter what I always reach for them when doing my makeup or on my clients. I hope this list is helpful to you there are so many awesome affordable brushes out there, wether you are a makeup artist or just love makeup there is a brush for you. 

The Beauty Blender Sponge: I cant rave this sponge enough, I LOVE it!! I have been using this sponge  since it first came out and cant see myself with out it. It helps blends your foundation, and concealers flawlessly. I also use it dry to pack on powder to set my concealer. 

Makeup Addiction The Mini Buffer: Im not sure if this was even a thought feature when this mini duffer was creator but it blends out my concealer to perfection! THis is an excellent brush to have specially when doing heavy contouring. It basically buffers your concealer to a flawless and airbrush finish. 

Real Techniques Crease Brush: I freaking adore this brush, its seriously amazing at applying my concealer. The size and shape helps it reach the corners of my eyes, and makes cleaning up and sharpening up my eyes super easy. It picks up just the right amount of product which helps with not waisting product. 

Sigma Small Angle - E65: This is my go to brush when filling in my brows, The size and firmness of the bristles helps shape my brows perfectly and not too harsh. 

MAC Precise Eyeliner - 210: I have to say this makes applying cream eye liner super easy, its thin bristles help build the liner to the thickness you want. 

MAC Small Angle Brush - 266: This brush is a must have for me I use it for filling in my brows, but what this baby is even better at is to create a cat eye! This brush basically does the job for you, with practice and a great brush creating a perfect cat eye liner. 

MAC Flat Definer Brush - 212 SE: This brush helps me achieve that sharp clean eye-brows look that is so in right now. The flat shape helps me define the lines of my brows to a super clean a sharp look. I also use it to tight line. 

Real Techniques Buffing Brush: This is one of my favorite brush to apply my foundations, wether using powder or liquid this brush is awesome at buffing in your foundation. 

Makeup Addiction The Finisher: Another great brush from this line, I love using this brush when I want a super smooth and flawless finish. I love that no matter how heavy the foundation is it blends it in to the skin flawlessly.

MAC Small Duo Fibre Face Brush - 188: This is definitely a must have in my makeup kit, I love using this to go over after to ensure I have blended out all my products. I use it the most to apply my tinted moisturizers and bb cremes. 

Makeup Addiction The Queen: This brush should be on its on category as a do it all, this brush is so lovely. The size and shapes is excellent for contouring and highlighting. I use it to add bronzer and to highlight but also to apply base color to my lids and more! 

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush: This baby does an excellent job at applying my cream bronzer and contouring foundation. 

Sigma Tapered Highlighter - F35: THis is also another do it all brush, I use it so much that its staring to loosen up! Hence the name it applies highlighter lovely but also it applies my bronzer and blush ! 

Mac Blending Brush - 217: This bush is every single makeup artist, and makeup lovers favorite and trust me if you haven't had one when you do you too will love it. This brush is seriously the best brush out there for blending and creating the most flawless eye makeup looks ever! 

MAC Tapered Blending Brush - 224:  Another must have, this brush here I use to blend out my colors, to apply concealer, to contour my nose and even to apply highlight! 

MAC Eye Shader Brush - 239: This brush get A LOT of uses from me, it really helps build in color on my lids and blend out my water line, and apply highlighter on the brow bone. 

Sigma Small Tapered  Blending - E45: The size and shape of this brush allows me to apply the color right were I want it and work it into the shape Im going for. 

Sigma Pencil - E30: A pencil brush is also a must have in you kit, this brush helps you get into the smaller parts of your eyes and allows you to get creative. 

MAC Shader Brush - 242: If you like using pigments and glitter this is the brush you need. This hold on to pigments and helps you pack on the color with minimum fall outs. 

NARS Short Shader Brush - 15: I love this detailing brush to smudge color into the lower lash line and also to blend and smoke out cream liners. 

Real Techniques Accent Brush: This little guy is great for adding color to the inner conners. 

Sigma Powder/Blush Brush - F10: An excellent brush, super soft bristles blend your blush perfectly! 

Makeup Addiction The Blusher: This brush is more tapered than my sigma which helps when you are applying color in a more defining (contouring) way. 

Sigma Large Angled Countour - F40: I love this brush I use it to apply bronzers too. The angle shape helps guide you where you want to apply you product and the bristles are so soft and blend perfectly! 

If you are interested in purchasing some of the brushes I mention above, this is Sigma's code for November to save 10 % off your whole purchase! Just click on the pic it will take you directly.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog post! I found very informative and all your Makeup Brush Set are so beautiful. I'll surely be getting some of them in the near future :)


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