Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Product Rave/ Producto Del Delirio: Makeup Addition Brushes!!

The complete set of the Special eyes kit and Essential face kit brushes. 
 I have this crazy obsession with makeup and all beauty related things, I swear no matter how many products or in this case brushes I own I always want MORE!! I know, I know i have issues!!! I probably own more then 300 brushes at this point, and I do have my favorites that I always use. The makeup addiction brushes are the BOMB! I'm so in love with every single one of them, the quality and they feel amazingly soft. I can tell tell you right now they will be getting a lot of use but do they replace all my other brushes? not completely.. Will I be buying more brushes in the near future? You bet your socks I will! Some things will never change and that is one of the reasons I started blogging, so that I can justify these purchases and blame it on my blog ;)... If you are looking for just a great set of brushes that will apply you makeup flawlessly these are them! Read below for a full description on each one and more pics!

The Makeup Addiction Essential Face Kit
The Essential face kit contains five face brushes that allow you to complete your face from the beginning to the end. They are designed with synthetic taklon bristles, which are not only extra soft, but they apply powder as well as liquid products without absorption into the bristles. They are also vegan friendly so not a single hair on an animal was touched nor harmed in the production of these brushes. These brushes are perfect to use for everyone, from those makeup beginners to professional makeup artists.
The Buffer can be used to set your pressed or loose powder on your face after applying your foundation. It sets your makeup in place so it lasts all day.
The Finisher  can be used for the application of you liquid or cream foundation. It also blends products very well into the skin so it gives you that professional airbrushed finish.
The Blusher is slightly tapered and so is perfect for applying your blush whether cream or powder. Placed at an angle, it can also be used to contour as it fits well in the hollow of your cheeks and it also can be used to set your under eye concealer, apply your bronzer or highlight on the highest points of your cheekbones.
The Classic Painter is perfect to use if you like the traditional method of applying your foundation. It helps you create a flawless and even finish to your face. It can also be used to apply your face primer, to highlight under your eyes and contour the sides of your nose and highlight on the center of it.
The Mini Buffer is small enough to fit in your purse and is perfect for applying your foundation on the go, your highlight, blush and contour, so it is a true multipurpose tool.

The Makeup Addiction Special Eyes Kit

The Special Eyes Kit is designed with synthetic taklon bristles, which are very soft and also vegan friendly. Not a single hair on an animal was touched nor harmed in the making of these brushes so you can rest assured. These brushes are perfect to use for everyone from makeup beginners to professional makeup artists.

The Queen is the ultimate multipurpose brush that practically does everything. It can be used to contour the nose, precise contour of the cheek bones, applying concealer under the eyes for a bright under eye, stippling concealer on sun spots, blemishes and other areas of the face, applying a wash of colour on the eyelid, applying a base or primer on the lid.
The Shader can be used to conceal small areas or hard to reach areas such as around the nose and eyes. It is also perfect for applying primer or bases before your eyeshadow. It can also be used to define the perimeter of your eyebrows with concealer. 
The Highlighter is perfect for applying your highlight colour on your brow bone and blending the crease. It can also be used for precise contour of the nose.

The Detailer is perfect for creating any detailed work. It is great for highlighting your inner tear duct area and smudging colour on the bottom lash line. It can also be used to apply intense colour in your crease and define our outer v. 
The Liner is perfect for creating a smooth and even line with liquid and gel liners. It can also be used to define the brows with powder or gel.

The Blender is perfect for blending colour in the crease and applying the colour to just the tips and sweeping it back and forth for a diffused and blended finish. It can also be used to apply concealer under the eyes and on the bridge of the nose.

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