Thursday, August 1, 2013

Flawless Face Routine/ Mi Rutina Perfecta!

Moving has pretty much drained me completely, so much that I had this post ready to upload a month ago and completely forgot about it. The good thing is that this is still my makeup routine today, whenever I do wear makeup. I going to break down each product and why I use it.

El proceso de mundarme a mi nueva casa me ha robado completamente mi tiempo, tanto que ni tiempo para sentarme en la computadora para compartir con ustedes. Lo bueno es que mi rutina tampoco a cambiado mucho y sigo usando esta misma rutina al maquillarme. Les voy a explicar cada paso y porque para mi es esencial usar estos productos.

Step 1: Primer- This step has truly been life changing for me, I honestly never really thought it made a big difference and most of the time just skipped it. Then after suffering from breakouts and the ugly discolorations it left behind I decided to give Smashbox Color Correcting primer a try and fell i love. It truly does help the foundation go on more smoothly and gives me a more even and bright finish. 

Paso 1: Primer- Este paso a cambiado mi vida por completo! Empece a usarlo después que comense a sufrir de acné, por mi tipo de piel según se me aclarava la pie del acne venian las horribles marcas que le anunciaban al mundo que hay hubo una espinilla. Decidi tratar este primer the Smashbox que se supone que ayude a corregir el tono de tu piel, y ayuda a que tu base se aplique como si fuese "airbrush". Me encanta y realmente veo la diferencia desde que empece a usarla.

Step 2: Chanel Perfection Lumiere- This foundation is truly my HG but this was not always the case.  If you have been following my blog since I first started you might remember the review I did for this foundation and I have to admit I didn't really like it that much I don't know what changed about this foundation or my skin but the first time I used it I wore it once and never used it again. Then one day walking around Macy's I stopped by the Chanel counter and bought it again, only to find out I love it oh so much. It really gives me an airbrush finish and covers all my imperfections with just a small pump. I recommend this for Normal To Oily skin type. 

Paso 2: Chanel Perfection Lumiere- Esta base es honestamente mi favorita, me ayuda a coregir mis imperfecciones sin hacerme ver como si tuviera una mascara puesta. Mi piel tiende a ser mas grasosa en el verano pero esta me ayuda a mantener mi cara matte sin brillo durante el dia completo. Le recomiendo esta base a personas con pieles normal a grasosas.

Step 3: Concealer- This step is so important for a flawless look, and heres where I'm not sold on just one product just yet. I really do like Bobbi Brown concealer so much that its empty and thats a lot to say for me. It doesnt crease and it covers beautifully but I cant describe what but something is missing for me. I'll know when and if I ever find my HG concealer until then I really prefer this one over the other ones I've tried. 

Paso 3: Corrector- Este paso es muy importante para conseguir un final perfecto, yo aun no puedo decir que tenga un corrector perfecto pero este de Bobbi Brown es muy bueno y lo mas importante es que no se corre.

Step 4: Urban Decay All Nighter Spray- Love this spray so much I buy it in bulk, I have a travel size on my bag one in my makeup station, and one on my professional case. I don't know how one product can make such a difference but it does. I use it to set my makeup, to wet my brushes before applying eyeshadow and even to tame frizzy hair! 

Paso 4: Urban Decay All Nighter Spray- Amo este spray tanto que lo compro en cantidad. Hace un trabajo excelente en fijar tu maquillaje para que te dure el dia completo y sin grumos. Tambien lo uso para aplicarme sombra, lo uso al final en ves de usar polvos que solo opacan mi rostro.

Good Luck/Buenas Suerte!


  1. These products sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amazing products!
    Happy week:)


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