Thursday, April 18, 2013

How Are You Removing Your Eye Makeup?

I was just getting ready for bed, and as I removed my makeup I though... how many people actually remove their eye makeup the right way? Some of you might think it doesn't matter how you take it off, as long as its off. Well I love to be the one to tell you differently, it actually matters more how you take it off then if, and with what. Why you ask, well I think I'm can speak for everyone when I say even though some of us are dealing with other issues as our primary skin concern right now, like acne, hyper pigmentation, and sensitivity. We ALL want to look as young and wrinkle free as human possible, and this is exactly why HOW you remove your makeup is so important. Look at it this way, we go to the gym and exercise regularly so our body looks the way we want it to look, Well every-time you touch your face think of it as an exercise and that the way you handle your skin is the way you want it to look 10 years from now. 

Me estava removiendo el maquillaje y pense.. Cuantas personas sabrán la manera correcta de removerse el maquillaje. Algunos de ustedes pensaran que esto no es importante, y que lo unico que importa es que se lo quiten. Bueno lamentos decirles que esto no es cierto y que es mas importante la manera en como te lo quitas que lo que uses. Creo que todas podemos estar de acuerdo en que aunque nuestra metas ahora mismo sean combatir el acné, manchas, o sensibilidad, al final la meta de todas es vernos lo mas joven y libres de arrugas posibles. Yo las voy ayudar! Lo primero es que piensen que cada ves que tocas tu cara estas causando un efecto, como el ejercicio constante al cuerpo. 
  1.  First and most important is the tool you use, remember the skin around the eyes are so thin and delicate and you don't want to use anything thats going to irritate or drag this precious area. Cotton square, balls or q-tips are all perfect choices. Antes que nada elige el instrumento que usaras, recuerda lo delicada y fina que es la piel alrededor de tus ojos y no quieres usar nada que te haga irritar oh jalar esta área. Usen algodon o isopos. 
  2. Second is really what you use, my personal favorite right now is Mary Kay oil-free eye makeup remover. It really does an awesome job at removing my most stubborn waterproof makeup and without ever having to rub or irritate my eyes. You can also use Olive Oil to remove your makeup, it will double as a eyelash conditioner and is cheaper! Segundo es un buen producto que rmueva tu maquillaje sin tener que estrujar o irritar tus ojos. Mi favorito ahora mismo es el de MARY KAY eye makeup remover. 
  3.  Now to the really important part, the HOW to remove your eye makeup. If you wear a lot of eye makeup simply soak you cotton pad with eye makeup remover and place on top of your eyelids, by letting the formula sit on your eyes for a few seconds will help loosen up all the products making it more easier to wipe off. then take the cotton ball and starting from the otter corner of your bottom lashes start to remove your eye makeup by going up and around always using light pressure especially when going down on the eye. when all or most of your makeup is off simply take a qtip and wipe off and remaining eyeliner or mascara. Ahora la parte mas important, la tecqnica que debes usar es simple. Fijate en la imagen del lado, la dirrecion en la que empiesas a quitar el maquillaje y siempre usando precion ligera. si usas mucho maquillaje siempre empiesa por colocar el algodon surtido de producto y dejarlo en los jojos cerrado un ratico para suavizar el maquillaje y salga con mas facilidad.  

On the face you wanna make sure you alway go in linear movements alway moving up and never down, remember we want to look lifted never drag down on your face. On days when I wear a lot of makeup I always like to take off some of the makeup off with a wipe I personally love NO7 quick thinking wipes. Then I just wash my face as I would regularly. Para removerme el maquillaje de cara simplemente me limpio el exceso de maquillaje con una toallita desmaquillante y luego me lavo la cara con mis productos regular. Recuerda siempre usar movimientos lineares en la cara y de nunca arrastrar la cara hacia abajo, siempre la meta es vernos joven! 

Good Luck/ Buenas Suerte! Xxx


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