Monday, January 21, 2013

Want 3 More Inches?

The first time I tried this treatment I had the most mistreated bleach blonde short hair I have ever had in my whole life. This seriously changed my life back then and I can't believe I have never blog about this. I went out to bloomingdales and bought me a bottle since my hair needs the extra love right now. The way this treatment works is by slowing down the aging process of your hair by coating it with a unique cashmere protein and amino acid blend, which means your hair can grow longer and healthier! You only need to do this treatment before every wash, or every second wash if you wash your hair every other day. I personally put it on the night before and sleep with it on my hair. Its amazing how from the first use I can immediately see a difference in my hair. I haven't tried anything else from this line but might have to give it a try. Good Luck Xxx

Purchased: Bloomingdales
Price: $38.00

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