Monday, January 28, 2013

The Lotion That Keeps On Giving!

 It's not everyday day I give with the intention of receiving anything back, but that's exactly what happened when I first purchased Lush's charity pot. This lotion is no joke it is made with organic cocoa butter which is amazing at hydrating, and evening out your skin and its tone. I do use this at night  as the smell can be a little to much to wear with my perfumes, I do love the smell thought it smells like chocolate covered strawberries (yummy).  Lush promises that all the money excluding tax will go to grassroots charities which makes this an even more special lotion. So next time you are in a lush store check this lotion out and hopefully you love it as much as I do! Good Luck Xxx

Purchase: LUSH
Price: $22.95


  1. i got a sample of this once and i loved it :) x

    1. Lush makes some of the nicest body creams ever! Xxx


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