Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dupe Of The Week: MAC vs L'OREAL

Left To Right: MAC Up The Amp, Loreal 175 Violet Chiffon

 Hey my loves I decided I'm going to start finding dupes of some of my favorite products and share with you guys. I love me some high end products but nothing is more exciting to find the same quality and sometimes even the same shades or feel in a more pocket friendly version.  
Left To Right: MAC Up The Amp, L'Oreal 175 Violet Chiffon
As you can see above the colors are so similar its even hard to tell them apart, and for a the price of MAC you can buy yourself two L'Oreal lipstick. They both go on beautifully, they both smell good, and go on super smooth. MAC is more pigmented then Loreal and more on the bluish side. But other then that I can't tell them apart. Good Luck Xxx

MAC: $15
L'Oreal: $7.49


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