Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Product Review: Lush Eyes Right Mascara

I love anything Lush, they really make the some of the best products. So when they started to make makeup a I couldn't have been more excited. I decided to try their mascara, I love my Revlon one as my everyday wear but couldn't wait to see what Lush's mascara would do for me.

Let me start by telling you that it contains vitamin-rich wheatgrass to keep your lashes healthy and strong.  And like all lush products as minimal ingredients as possible to keep their products as safe and organic as possible.

I will start with the only one negative since its only one and that is the wand, its too small. And if you are any were near close as clumsy as I can be then the application process could be a mess. I really hope that Lush can make that change. Now to all the reasons why I love it:

  • Natural
  • Long lasting 
  • You get double the amount of product that you would get from a regular mascara.
  • Perfect for everyday looks
  • Very highly pigmented, and can be build able for a little more oomph.
  • Safe for sensitive eyes, and contact lenses
  • It's Lush!
Purchased: Lush Store
Price: $18.95
Will I purchase again? Yes!

I love this mascara as an everyday product, you can apply more then one coat but I didn't get that dramatic effect that I get from other mascararas. This mascara will give your lashes a beautiful and natural look. Good Luck! Xxx


  1. LUSH continues to amaze me, I had no idea that they had a mascara! Too bad I don't have a LUSH nearby, but, whenever I'm out of town, I try to hunt a store down. Thanks for the review!

    xo's- Ashley

  2. This sounds really interesting, the wand does look really small though!
    I've never tried anything from LUSH but I hear so many raves about their products. There's definitely a lot of things I want to try from them when I get money.


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