Thursday, September 13, 2012

Top 5 Reasons You May Be Loosing Hair...

 I am loosing so much hair right now, that you can seriously trace me down by the hairs I leave behind! I have been under a lot of stress lately and my hair is paying the consequences along with my skin. After looking up some tips and researching hair loss I found that I am not alone in this battle. 
One of the biggest issues with women AND men is hair fall! There’s no pretty way to put it, it sucks! My hair has gone through it’s cycles and right now it’s definitely in fall mode–booooooo!! Not to fear, there is ALWAYS something you can do, even if you naturally or genetically have thinning hair there is always something you can do to SERIOUSLY help!
  1. Heredity There’s not too much you can do here, and believe me, this affects women just as much as it does men. Maybe our hair is longer so we can hide it better, but women also experience receding hair lines, bald spots, etc. Especially as we age, our follicles tend to get weaker and many areas we lose hair all together! There’s not much you can do here, but knowing that hair fall in your family exists, means you can start taking care of your hair NOW and slow down the affects tremendously!
  2. Bad Nutrition The Number One reason, aside from heredity, is bad nutrition. It’s insane just how fast someone who changes their diet will notice a difference in their hair. It is sooooo crucial to eat as often as possible and to eat natural unprocessed foods. Increasing your intake of foods like Salmon, Walnuts, Brazilian Nuts, Almonds, etc can help make your hair thicker and healthier!
  3. Too Much Product Using too much product or the wrong products can EASILY cause hair loss! You can almost see the results right away! Shampoo that is too drying or clarifying or products that clog the areas around our follicles is one of the worst things you can do!
  4. Hard Water Hard water is sooooo bad for your hair! You can easily avoid this by just buying a filter for your shower head. Its not too expensive and it DEFINITELY helps!
  5. Hormones This definitely affects women more than men, but our hormones can be a HUGE reason why our hair falls! Using vitamins like Primrose Oil is great to help balance our hormones and keep them in check! Good Luck Xxx


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