Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How To Heal Your Acne and Stay Scars Free!

Hey loves, so if you were wondering why I haven done a video or an ootd post lately the reason is, I am beyond depressed right now. I don't know if its all the new products I have been trying, my hormones, or the fact that my stress levels have been sky high lately but I am broken out ALL OVER MY FACE!!! I seriously have never been so broken out before and its really sad. Well I have been trying to get rid of these bumps ASAP and might have done too much and caused irritation. So I wanted to share some tips with you guys in case any of you are dealing with acne, I know its easier said then done but the last thing you want to do is freak out and brake any of these rules like I did...
  • Rule #1 Ok, first of all, DON’T touch it, squeeze it, press on it, or do anything that even requires your fingers near it! Adding any additional oils to your zits will only cause more breakouts in the area and do nothing for your current little devil! Stay Away!
  • Rule #2 Try to avoid using any makeup and if you must wear some, opt for a powder based mineral makeup. 
  • Rule #3 Don’t over dry! The trick to banishing breakouts is keeping calm! Our first reaction is to dry the little sucker to pieces, but the truth is this will only produce more oil, which will lead to more breakouts! Stick to a spot treatment, and don’t change your routine!
  • Rule #4 Treat scars! Using skin cell renewal agents like Retin A, Retinol, Tomatoes, and other ingredients can help drastically heal your skin meaning no one will ever know you broke out!
  • Rule #5 If you do want to cover up your breakout, try using a pigmented acne treatment! Avoid a regular concealer as it could have synthetic oils that will cause more breakouts. Try just dabbing a small amount of the treatment on your breakout before you apply your makeup, then use a sponge and dab a heavy amount of powder on your blemish. It will only collect a small amount, but should look smooth and concealed.
 I’ve been also looking for natural alternatives to my favorite toner, as much as it keeps my skin clear, it has a strong amount of alcohol, which means it can be too much! SOOOOO I actually found this awesome recipe in one of my recipe folders of an amazing natural toner using Apple Cider Vinegar!
Apple Cider Vinegar has high contents of malic and lactic acid, which means, it’s AMAZING at clearing your skin, fighting acne evening the tone (since it will naturally exfoliate), fighting wrinkles and balancing your skins PH levels–all of that from one of your mom’s favorite kitchen ingredients!
Simply take 1 cup distilled water, with 2 tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar and mix together. Apply on face using a cotton pad every night before bed. For oily skin, try using in the morning as well, but only if your face is very, VERY oily! 
I hope this was useful! Good Luck Xxx

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