Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Botox Cures Acne?

  I will confess that I would definitely consider using Botox, I have these two lines (From Frowning) that I have been treating with Retin-A but as soon as they start getting out of control, I will inject!  But I’ve seen some really young girls look extremely old when they used it! So I really recommend waiting till you really need it to not only remove wrinkles but also lift your brows!
I would never really consider getting it so young UNTIL I read that Botox has been used to rid Acne! It’s not a popular study, but it actually makes sense! I know so many people who use Botox to help with sweating issues and I have seen their success! The way Botox helps Acne is similar to the way it helps with sweating–by closing the sweat glands producing oils. The results sound promising, especially since such low dosages have been recorded! So, maybe for very severe acne, this could be the answer and a great way to avoid more invasive things such as Acutane, which have caused some very serious side effects, like depression, blindness and even death. 
Keep in mind, Botox is not permanent, it would need to be redone every 4-6 months while Acutane you take for 3-9 months (depending on your condition) and you may need to retake in case of more outbreaks later on down the line. What do you guys think, does it seem too good to be true, or is this the acne cure we’ve been looking for? 

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