Friday, August 17, 2012

Drugstore Find: Revlon Photoready Cream Blush

I love me some blush, its amazing to see how just the right amount of blush can change your whole look! Originally introduced in the Revlon Gucci Westman Escapism Collection, the Photo Ready Cream Blushes are a new addition to the Photo Ready family of products and are not limited edition. So if you haven't spotted the Escapism display in your area, don't worry. These should eventually make their way to the permanent wall display.

Typically, cream blushes have been known to be thick, super-emollient and best suited for dry skin ladies- however this new formulation is quite different. While the cream blush itself is boldly pigmented and vibrant in the pot, it goes on quite sheer with a light-as-air texture. So it was perfect for my oily skin.

The Most toned down Pinched, its a peach with shimmer. I use this most as a base for powder blush since this hardly shows on my cheeks. But it is a very beautiful color that I think would look great on any skin tone.

Coral Reef looked the most intimidating color, since it's pretty much neon. But when applied, the color sheers down to a nice, coral color that is natural looking, but screams Summer! I really love this color.

Flushed, is a bright fuchsia and it looks beautiful and natural on the skin (while still being noticeable).

The cream itself is quite hard, almost like a solid lip balm… I’m actually a huge fan of this, because it makes applying it much more fool-proof (you don’t have to worry about over applying, as it usually requires some building to achieve noticeable color). To apply it, I’ve been using just a plain blush brush or my fingers. I find that it really applies just like a powder, and it blends just as easily. And because it’s so light it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all.

It stayed on my skin until I removed my makeup but, If you want to really extend the wear, try adding a powder blush on top of the cream.

Price: $12.99
I purchased mine at CVS on sale buy one get the second half off!

Good Luck! Xxx


  1. I'm beginning to get the whole cream blush and contour thing, it' amazing!
    Makeup by Rachel

  2. I havent tied their contour set yet I guess I will give it a try!


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