Friday, August 31, 2012

Back To School!

I still remember being my daughters age, I used to get so excited to go back to school and show off my new clothes. The only difference is that my clothes where never really "new" , they were actually hand me downs from my sister and others, but they were new to me. I always tried and made the best out of the little that I had, always making my clothes look like new and giving them my own personal touch. Now that I'm a mother I can understand how hard it can be, especially for my mother since she raised us with no help.

I believe that no matter what your budget is you can always make the best out of it. I personally love shopping in places like TJmax, Marshalls, and Target for my kids. Another thing I do is make my daughter try everything on that she currently has and then decide what she really needs. We love to mix her summer clothes into the fall just by adding dark tights and a sweater or jacket.  Kids grow up too fast so I find it really crazy to invest too much money on their clothes. If your budget is really tight I would highly recommend checking out second hand stores, there are some really cute and really clean ones now, also find out or host your own swap party with other moms.

Finally my advice is to let your kids, when they are old enough, help you choose their clothes! it's fun and you want them to love what they wear. Growing up I had so many stages, I was a even a tomboy at one point! The whole point is to let them wear what they feel comfortable in, even if they are breaking a few fashion rules!

 Top and Pants Marshalls
Shoes Payless
Backpack Toys R Us 
Good Luck! Xxx

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