Thursday, July 12, 2012

Prep For You Next Big Event!

  The wedding season have officially arrived and wether you are the bride, bridesmaids or a guest you all want to look good. I honestly think I’ve mastered some of the absolute BEST ways to look great in a week or less!  I’ve been doing three things that I swear are fool prof and they are the best for a beauty quick fix! Try it and tell me if you like. Good Luck Xxx

Gorgeous Glowin Skin!

 The last thing I want is my skin looking blotchy in photos! The Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Face Wipes are a God sent! They literally work magic! This will literally make your skin radiant, soft and soooooo smooth perfect for makeup! If you have a few days to prep before an event, use these day and night and you will seriously notice a difference! I’ve been using it daily, and I’ve noticed seriously great results.

Picture Perfect Smile

  I don’t drink coffee, and I still have to bleach me teeth every once in a while! I personally loooooove the Crest Whitening strips! They are without doubt the best! Nothing works like them, and believe me, I’ve tried it all, from Zoom to at home kits, and they are the best! I love them because they let you customize how white you want your teeth, which is pretty fantastic! I use this with the the crest whitening tooth paste to maintain them looking pearly white!

Detox Count Down
 I’m SUCH a huge fan of detox and cleansing! I try to do it as often as possible! One of the best things I do before an important event is drink Cleansing Tea or Detox Tea. You can even make any tea you have a detox tea by adding ginger or lemon to it! I personally notice a difference in my skin, and I sleep better, which means less stress, and less under eye circles and bags!

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