Monday, June 4, 2012

Calm Breakouts!

Nothing is worse than breaking out the day before your wedding, and well, that happen to me! I was at a spa and decided to try a new facial that seemed harmless and boy did I pay for that! My skin was inflamed–literally HUGE pimples all over my face before my big day. Being obsessed with makeup, I knew I could cover it up, but these suckers were sticking out so far David Copperfield couldn’t make them disappear!! There would be NO covering up unless I could calm my skin, dramatically! Something I did then and I still love to do now if my skin suffers from any trauma (including breakouts, sun burn, or irritation) is I simply soak a towel in lavender-infused water that is slightly colder than room temp and let sit on your face for 30 minutes (that night at the hotel, I used lavender tea, which worked amazingly well). Typically lavender oil is great, but you can also use lavender tea. The lavender calms your skin and you and really helps with any inflammation! Problem solved! Good Luck Xxx


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