Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Miami/ Disney Trip!

My family and I had been waiting for this vacation for a while now and it was worth the wait! The main purpose of the trip was to celebrate and watch my sister in law graduate with honors from the University Of Miami, it was so exciting and only made me feel so proud and hopeful of one day seeing my daughters  graduate and why not with Honors! I also walked South Beach and got to shop in a few stores, And I went by the old Versace mansion that has been turned into a restaurant! We stayed in South Beach for two days and then headed to Disney...

Ever since I was a little girl I dreamt of going to Disney and meeting Mickey Mouse, you might think that now as a grown adult and parent of two this was not as high on my list of to do's as it was but I am not ashamed to admit that I am a MICKEY MOUSE lover, I have a full collection and still growing of clothing, pens, books, bags, stuffed dolls, anything you can think of! Mickey was harder to track down then I thought, and when I finally found him I had to wait in line for more then an hour which I did not mind at all! I had so much fun, this is really one of my favorite vacations so far, my girls had so much fun and so did the adults, Disney is truly the happiest place on earth! Check out the pics I took a lot! Good Luck Xxx

Old Versace Mansion (now Restaurant)

Maxi Dress Romeo and Juliet

Express Top,  Hollister shorts

@ Epcot

Urban Outfitters Sneakers, Ray Ban Aviators

@Disney Boardwalk

@Magical Kingdom

Disney top, no name shorts, love culture jacket, Urban Outfitters sneakers.

@Animal Kingdom With MICKEY MOUSE!!!

H&M top/ Hollister Shorts


  1. I love Disney Land! Wishing to visit any of the Disney Lands soon:)U look cute with the Mickey Mouse bow on your head!:*

  2. I grew up in florida, 30 minutes from disney so Disney World was always our go-to vacation, but it's awesome to see how much people look forward to going to disney and seeing mickey when they've never been! It looks like you had so much fun!

  3. beautylish brought me!

    please follow back!!



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