Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How To Grow Long Nails, And Keep Them From Splitting!

 I can't stress enough how much I love long healthy looking nails. I just love the difference fresh manicured nails make to my over all mood. My nails grow very fast but were breaking so easily. I started adding some more vitamins and have noticed a a big difference! They're are more stronger and healthy looking as well. here are my tips, hope they help you grow beautiful nails as well...

  1. Start from the inside! The only way to keep nails long is with a healthy diet and taking vitamins that have high levels of folic acid, vitamin A, and B12 is a great way to help! The best vitamin for this is actually prenatal vitamin, which also does wonders for your hair! After taking these vitamins for just one month, I noticed my nails and hair grew faster, longer and stronger!
  • Moisturize!! If you’re worried about splitting nails, the easiest thing to do is MOISTURIZE!!! Simply apply a moisturizer to your nail bed every night!!  RECIPE: One thing I like to do is mix lanolin with almond oil (you can zuk it in the microwave for a few seconds if necessary) and apply it to your nails before bedtime! Squeeze a vitamin A capsule in there for extra strength!
  1. Skip a Polish Change! I know this might seem hard, but skipping a polish in between, even for a day can do wonders for your nails! Taking a break is sometimes what our nails need! Good Luck Xxx

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