Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Drink Green For A more Beautiful You!

 I'm sure I not the only one that has ever doubt that sipping on something could actually make you more gorgeous inside out? I think we’ve all heard that green tea is a better alternative to coffee, but do we really know why? I'm not a coffee drinker and to be honest I can only have the decaffeinated kind. Something about caffeine in drinks that get me a bad rush! For a while I had stopped drinking green tea, but while I was stuck on it I noticed my skin felt sooooo much better while I was drinking it, and will add this to my morning routine again! Well, here are 3 reasons why we should all be drinking green tea! 
  • Green tea is Awesome for Weight Loss! For years models drank green tea making it trendy to drink, buuuut they may actually be on to something! So many models claimed that drinking green tea actually made them slimmer! The facts are in–it has been scientifically proven that drinking green tea, increases our metabolism and helps us shed fat! Yup, making us slim up faster and much easier!
  • Green Tea is AMAZING for Skin! We all know antioxidants are great for skin and green tea is full of them, but what exactly are they for? Wellll, as we age, our skin cells begin to oxidize, which means they shrivel up, wrinkle and scar more easily—NOT FUN! Green tea is loaded with antioxidants that not only help prevent all of this from happening, but actually help reverse skin damage! This will keep you young and fresh, and acne free!
  • Green Tea is full of Vitamins! Of course I am firm believer of taking your vitamins, but there are days that I definitely skip! Drinking green tea is great not only for a ‘pick me up’, but also getting a good dose of vitamins! Green tea is packed full of vitamins A, C & E, which are ingredients that are necessary for gorgeousness inside out! Good Luck Xxx


  1. I love green tea! I use to be a big coffee drinker & green tea helped me break my coffee habit! It's great! :)

  2. What a lovely post. I always drink green tea to try and curb my coffee habit. I love it ice cold with some mint-so refreshing! x

  3. I know Green Tea is so good for you but I can't stand the taste :( xx

    1. Try adding some honey, or try some flavored ones. Xxx


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