Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Top 3 Blushes

 To me, no look is complete without a touch of blush–it just adds warmth and a healthy glow to the overall look! I have been asked whats my favorite blush, I was very quick to respond... Nars Deep Throat! I looove it so much, its the perfect color on me and I could not be any more obsessed but there are many others I love as much or maybe a little less :) But I broke them down in to three, trust me this was not easy. I f you have any blush that you are cray cray about let me know, since I'm always looking for new blushes to obsess about! Good Luck Xxx
Steffany's Top Tres
NARS Deep Throat (Peach With Shimmer)
MAC Melba (soft coral peach Matte)
CHANEL In Love (dirty coral-peach with soft, golden shimmer)
P.S After writing them down I noticed they are all peachy colors :). Sorry for the pink lovers,  and others but on my skin tone these are the color tones that look good on me. I do have some pink colors I like a lot too, but for now these are my top 3 :)


  1. I'm in love with peachy tones also, they work best with my skintone. I noticed that when I used pinks it just looks washed out.
    new follower from Beautylish

  2. Me Too!!! the only way I can do a pink is if a mix it with a peachy one... Thanks for subscribing! Xxx


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