Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Is Your Hair Causing You Acne?

 One of the biggest causes for body acne is actually our hair products! We use so many oil and shine-enhancing products that help keep our hair tamed but also add a TON of oils in our hair! Of course our hair needs it, our skin however, not so much! So one of the easiest ways to boot backne is actually keeping your hair off your shoulders and back when you get out of the shower! If you are a tank gal, try wearing a full neck tee until your hair dries! As for breakouts around your forehead area, after you apply your hair products, run a toner along your forehead and apply a light moisturizer! This has personally helped me in keeping my skin super clear and bump-free!! Good Luck Xxx


  1. i knew about this! but i never seem to prevent it :/ i get quite alot of spots on my hair line. Another thing that causes acne is your pillow sheets, make sure to wash them every week or so! :')



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