Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Drugstore Find: Bio Oil

 Stretch marks suck!! I started getting them around my hips when I was only 14 and I remember then freaking out but not really doing anything about it. Stretch marks occurs when you gain or loose weight rapidly, pregnancy or even hereditary. There are no know treatments that can remove them completely but the sooner you treat the better your chances are to make them less noticeable. So after noticing some lines on my chest (yup, stretch marks), I decided I had to do something about them. So in my search for a treatment, I started using Bio Oil in the mornings and at night after I showered—I literally lather it on and my skin has never looked more even toned and beautiful. So yes, I now go through a bottle a month at least, but I found it really helped fight my stretch marks (if they’re still there, I can’t see them anymore!), of course, I would recommend it on new stretch marks and immediately once you see them forming the older ones are still very much noticeable :( Definitely a product every woman, pregnant or not, should invest in! Your skin will be so even and beautiful, you will love the way it looks! Good Luck Xxx

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