Monday, January 23, 2012

Drink To A Healthier You!

 Celery juice is one of the most hydrating liquids you can put in your body! It helps balance the PH levels of your body and also helps flush out any toxins, which means is GREAT for your skin. It also is amazing at curving sweet cravings, so it’s great to use as a weight loss supplement.  It also helps fight cancer, lowers cholesterol, helps with digestion, is an anti-inflammatory, and helps lower blood pressure. There seriously cannot be enough said about how great celery juice is for you!
If you’re looking for a delicious recipe, try mixing some celery with green apple and a few white grapes and a cube of pineapple for a super delicious drink that is healthy and beautifying! This mix will keep you hydrated and super energized!! Good Luck Xxx

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