Tuesday, December 13, 2011

5 beauty Ideas To Do In Winter

  • Try a bold pedi, Now's the time to test the waters on nail art (in closed-toed shoes)!
  • Try Laser hair removal! Sessions are best scheduled between November and March. Dark hairs are easier to zap when you are not at all tan.
  • Add Retinol to your skin care. They're great for wrinkles and acne, but sun exposure can cause photosensitivity, so winter is best time to test them out. 
  • Grow your hair! Taking supplements like biotin and Viviscal may help... but they may also stimulate body-hair growth! so try them in the winter when you are no bare-legged or sleeveless. 
  • Try a darker hue! Darker hair color looks healthier. 
Good Luck! Xxx


  1. You're right, this is the perfect time of the year to have laser hair removal.
    Last year when I decided to have laser hair removal, a friend told me to do it in December because I can find nice Christmas offers and also because this way I will be ready for summer.
    I chose Skin Vitality, a big clinic because I wanted everything to be perfect and so it was.
    thanks for the those other tips:)

  2. Thanks for sharing! and for visiting my blog :) Xxx


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