Friday, November 25, 2011

Review Time!!!

I'm Wearing The Foundation In 60 Beige 

 I met with a professional makeup artist for CHANEL last Saturday, they had an event to try out their new foundation: PERFECTION LUMIERE, and here's my review....

So i showed up to the event with an open mind like always and bare faced. I sat on a chair and we talked a bit and as she applied the foundation it felt heavy but I didn't have a primer on or had moisturized so i blamed it on that. Then she showed me a mirror and wow it looked HEAVY on my skin too!! And I told her this but again I was trying to make excuses for the foundation since CHANEL makes the best foundation in the world! so I decided to take it home and try it myself.

I brought it home and the first thing I did was wash my face with my clarisonic, moisturize and apply my favorite primer. I used my favorite buffing brush and buffed away and the results? Heavy feel, heavy Look!! I left it on to see how it felt for the rest of the day and it still felt heavy but it did started to set in and look nice and even.

The  next day I gave it another try but this time I applied it with my Beauty Blender sponge (wet) and still felt heavy at first but this time it looked flawless and looked airbrushed, and as promised it photographs very nice and I recorded My first YOUTUBE video wearing it and my faced looked very much flawless so that was a positive, I am glad I decided to give it a second and a third try. I did take in consideration that I just had a micro/peel so my face was on the drier side so thats why it felt more heavy. Now it just blends into my skin and looks amaze.

What CHANEL say: Effortless to apply, with seamless blendability for a naturally flawless effect, this breakthrough foundation is the ideal all-day, everyday formula – suitable for all skin types in a diverse range of 20 shades.

  • Photographs very nice due to its light control complex.
  • Oil free- Non- Comedogenic
  • Great coverage
  • SPF 10
  • Heavy Feel (if your face is on the drier side)
  • It's very expensive $55
  • Not so Long-wear especially if you have oily skin like me I wore it for a hole day and on the 5 hour it started to disappear on my oily skin. 
In conclusion I will be keeping this foundation, it's worth the price especially for those days (nights) when I need a more Matte foundation, but don't want the heavy look of my MAC. I do want to say that WE are all different, and what works for me might do no wonders for you. This was my experience with this foundation and you might have a different one. Good Luck Xxx

Here I had it on for a few hours :)

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