Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Foundation!

Ok, so let me start off by saying that I have tried EVERY single brand out there in search of my holy grail foundation, some were ok others where just HORRIBLE, and others where great but broke me out. As I have mentioned before I have oily, acne-prone skin, and when I look for foundations I make sure they are specifically made for my skin type.

I was shopping in macy's one day and stopped by the CHANEL counter, a very lovely lady asked if I wanted to try their new foundation, my first question? is it oil free? she said YES, then I asked is a matte foundation? she said NO, I told her my skin gets supper oily so it might not be the right foundation for me but she insisted I tried it, and boy was I glad I gave it a try here's why I love this foundation:

  • You know how a lot of foundations claim to be like a second skin? I never felt they really were, but this time I am impressed because I do feel like this is it. The product feels very light on the skin yet gives medium coverage and evens out the skintone so well! It has a semi-matte finish, a bit luminous but not unnatural nor greasy. It is like my skin but better.
  • It smells very nice, like an expensive sun protection cream, I would say. Also the smell is light and disappears quickly so it shouldn’t bother most users.
  • It lasts extremely well on me and I don’t even powder it – easily 8-10 hours without getting shiny. Maybe it’s because this is a water based (hence, oil-free) foundation. I wasn’t expecting it to be so long lasting and am really impressed!
  • Packaging: a very compact, light plastic bottle that’s so much better than the heavy glass packaging Chanel usually uses! And getting the exact amount that you need is very easy thanks to the dropper top.
  •  It’s not cheap – $45 in the US, But I do think it’s worth it, really.
Little trick: you need to shake the bottle REALLY WELL before pouring the product out, or you’ll get some kind of greasy water. I am enjoying this foundation so much at the moment. My shade is B50 beige, Good Luck Xxx

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