Monday, October 17, 2011

My Skin

Boy I thought I was born lucky! I had skin that no matter what, never broke out–well until I hit my early-twenties. Who wants to have acne when everyone else is getting over it? I ended up with craters all over my face at the worst of moments, right before a date, the day before a job interview, the night before my wedding! Yes, I know, acne is evil! After trying every beauty product, and anything you can imagine from harsh peels to changing my diet, I thought my only option would be something severe like Acutane. Until the stressful event that moving to a new house is took place, there were nights that I didn't even wash (eek) my face.! I would wake up the next morning and run to the nearest mirror expecting to see a huge zit, but there was nothing there in fact my skin was looking better then it had in years. The only regimen that I never stopped using no matter how tire, or lazy I felt was my LUSH tea tree toner. I spray it every morning and before I go to bed and my skin hasn't (fingers crossed) broke out in months. This product is natural no hash chemicals and its great for oily skin. So if you are struggling with Acne I suggest you take a step back, and look at all the products you are using, there you might find that these might be the cause of your bad skin. I struggle with this a long time buy now have prove that less is sometimes more, and some products are so harsh on your skin that instead of improving it it only worsens.! so good luck and hope that whatever your skin issues might be you find what works for you.. X0

P.S below are some never before seen  pictures of my bad skin days... 

And Now.. pardon my Hair :)

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