Thursday, October 20, 2011

Magic in a bottle?

 I could think of nothing more gross than adding a coat of lotion to my already over-oily face. But after reading and hearing so many dermatologist explain that even the oiliest of skin should moisturize, and even more when using harsh acne treatments and retinol I decided to give it a try. I started my quest to find a product that not only  kept me matte but didn't broke me out, many products I tried were horrible, they made my face feel greasy and break out . Frustrated , I started to look online for people with my skin type and what where they using. That's when I saw a video on youtube the guru has the same skin type as me and she was raving Origins Vitazing moisturizer. I went the next day and bought me a tube, and boy was she right!

On the left side is fully blended out/ right side is the color it comes out of the tube.

 Here's what Origins say: 
This multi-tasking moisturizer handles the vital jobs of hydrating, energizing and protecting to maintain skin's momentum all day. Gives skin the refreshing zing of antioxidant-rich Mangosteen. And adds a healthy hit of radiance that mimics the glow you get from a week's vacation. All in 10 seconds max.  Slip it on first thing tomorrow - you'll look like you eat right, sleep tight & don't
have a worry in sight. 

I loooovee this product I would probably die if they stopped making it, it is everything that my skin needed  it's oil free, it has spf, and its tinted.! My seal of FAB all the way.! x0

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