Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to: Wash your make up brush!

I used to spend some serious cash on makeup brush cleansers, and to be honest most of them suck, my brushes never really seemed to look or feel clean. I ran out of my brush cleanser one day an decided to try something different and less expensive. So I went to my kitchen :)

 1. What you'll need:
- Dirty brushes
- A plate
- (Antibacterial) dish-washing soap (to clean the brushes)
- Olive oil (to recondition your brushes, because the soap dries them out)
- A towel
- Brush Guards or toilet paper
2. Poor some dish-washing soap and just a little bit of olive oil on the plate.

3. Stir the brush in a circular motion in the soap and olive oil.
4. Wipe it back and forth or in a circular motion on your hand. Rinse your brushes with warm water.

5. Wipe them dry. If you have Brush Guards, insert the brush in and leave half of the Brush Guard sticking out. I you don't have Brush Guards,  you can use pieces of paper towel instead.

6. Do not dry the brushes standing up, but upside down. If you dry them standing up, the water will get into the handle and damage your brushes.

Your brushes are now clean, soft and ready to use. I clean my brushes at least once a week with this method. Sometimes, when they are really dirty, I clean them twice or three times a week. Brushes like the foundation brush, eyeliner brush or concealer brush, should be washed every single week. You definitely don't want bacteria all over your face and in your eyes. And if someone else uses your brushes wash them that day.

Good Luck xx

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