Monday, October 31, 2011


I obsess over my eyebrows, I have tried every possible technique and I have yet to find a shape I'm completely happy with. Eyebrows are probably the most important feature on your face. they frame your eyes, establishing a look and mood. Eyebrows can also give you an instant face-lift without the surgery! There is no eyebrow trend or rule about how they should look. Every one of us is born with our own brow style; the hair grows differently in every one of us. But it's good to know where brows should start and end (see photo). When your eyebrows are misshapen and do not flow smoothly, the perspective of your face is thrown off rather than noticing your face as a whole, particularly when viewing you eye to eye. You'd be surprised at how much more intently someone will listen to you when you have perfect brows for your face. Below are some tips and suggestions on how you can keep your brows groomed and ready for eye to eye contact.


Waxing: With wax there is a lot of pulling on the delicate skin around the eye. Mistakes are made with wax more than with any other technique, I find. One wrong slip of the wax may leave you in danger of permanently damaging the hair follicles.

Threading: This is probably the most painful and least precise method. What I find amazing about threading is it can literally grab every tiny little hair.

Tweezing: I prefer tweezing, as it is the least painful method and gives the most control and more options, and the the hair does not grow back as quickly or erratically as with waxing. Tweezing leaves you with the least possibility of irritation.

The best way to get your best brows is to see an esthetician, who will clean and shape them on the first visit. Thereafter, you can do it yourself at home, if you want to. The biggest mistake made when shaping brows is overtweezing, our eyebrow area are danger zones because they are prone to follicle damage, which can result in hairs never growing back.

There is no one "best" brow, take in your overall look, your profession, your personality, and your lifestyle and decide what's the best for you and your face. No hard and fast rule! We are all individuals with our own individual brows! Good Luck XX 


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