Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dry Skin

I have oily skin, and to be honest I never thought there will be a day were I would stop having it. But after using so many harsh products, to combat acne, and aging! my skin does tend to get on the drier side. There are also many other factors during the winter that will dry out our skin, especially when the weather starts to turn cold, heaters and we tend to turn up the heat on our showers. Here are a few quick tips to combat dry skin for those of you that have it all year round or for those (like me), that only get it sometimes.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Use cream moisturizers.
  • Mix moisturizer with concealer when applying around the eye to prevent creasing.
  • Choose a moisturizing oil-base foundation, if you have acne prone skin try a non-oil based.
  • Lightly powder only where you tend to get oily with a brush.
  • Use cream blush.
  • Using shimmers on your face and eyes will help give a dewy look. 
So remember whatever your skin type might be you can benefit from adding one of my tips to your daily routines. Good Luck xx

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