Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Makeup Eraser Review!

I finally decide to try the Makeup Eraser and I'm SOLD! My hesitation was obvious, I thought it was another "trendy" product that popular bloggers where talking about that would eventually end up being another too good to be true product. Well I was walking in sephora completely uninspired and unmotivated to buy makeup, yes one of those very uncommon days..... I decided to pick this and another product. If you follow me on Snapchat you know I have been on a no makeup month and so this sat on my vanity for a few weeks. 

Today I took the dust off my makeup brushes and decided to look put together, and I finally got my chance to try this makeup eraser towel. I had a full face of makeup and after wiping my face a few times with the towel wet my makeup was completely off. I was impressed but not completely sold, it still had to pass the toner test. I could not believe it guys The cotton pad was completely clean!!! I swear even after washing my face with face wash a few times I never had pass the toner test. 

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Purchased: Sephora
Price: $20

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Jem And The Hologram Limited Edition Palette Review!

I had a mixture of happiness and melancholy when I purchased this palette. I was only a little girl when I started watching Jem and The Hologram, it was my favorite cartoon. I remember watching it and then role playing with my sister, obviously I was always Jem! 

Ok so enough about my childhood..... The palette is gorgeous and trust me when I say I was surprised to find out how much I love it. I had already made up my mind that no matter what I would keep it but to have it and love is completely priceless. 

The colors are pigmented, smooth and you have a good selection of colors to choose from. The only thing this palette is missing is a good matte transitional color, there is actually not too many matte colors. This is no surprise, if you watched Jem then you understand that this palette is perfect as is!   

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Laura Mercier Candleglow Luminizing Palette Review!

I am on a major glow hunt, I don't know what it is but everything I have is not doing it for me anymore. I want that perfect glow, the kind that looks like you are shinning from within! Unfortunately this palette did not help me achieve that at all. Laura Mercier makes great products so I was very optimistic about trying this palette when I saw it in the store, but the colors all look so ashy (grayish) on my skin. The palette is lacking pigment and its just an overall fail in my opinion. Below I took pictures with and without flash, and had a hard time because the colors were not showing at all in the pictures so I packed on the color and it helped. like always this is my experience and I'm sure others will find this palette to be great so by all means check it out for yourself. 


No Flash

Purchased: Sephora
Price: $58

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Studded Kiss Lip Set!

Kat Von D is slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite brands at the moment the brand is constantly putting out great collections and this set is no exception. The lipstick in this gift set are gorgeous and surprising wearable, ok well maybe not the lilac is everyones cup of tea. The set comes with 7 mini lipsticks and 1 full size limited edition red with gorgeous sparkles perfect for the holidays. Check out the swatches below and tell me what you think! 

Left To Right: Noble, Sexer, Wolvesmouth, Bachelorette, Coven,  Halo, Nayeon, Cente Full Size Gold Blodded

No Flash Left To Right: Gold Blodded, Noble, Sexer, Wolvesmouth, Bachelorette, Coven,  Halo, Nayeon.

With Flash Left To Right: Gold Blodded, Noble, Sexer, Wolvesmouth, Bachelorette, Coven,  Halo, Nayeon.
Purchased: Sephora
Price: $42

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dior Holiday Couture Collection Smokey Eyes - Lips Palette Review!

Untitled #9

Dior is one of my favorite brands to splurge on in makeup, the  brand always seems to impress me with the quality and presentation of their products. However this one did not quite do it for me.... Lets start with the pros, the eyeshadows are beautiful, highly pigmented and go on like butter. The little pouch is adorable, but the lip "maximizer " and lipstick leave so much to be desired. I did not notice andy difference on my lips and there is no pigment to the lipstick, it does smell nice but thats about it. 

Overall its a beautiful palette, the colors are not so different from anything thats out there and the vaseline (lipstick) that comes did not show on my lips at all. I'm glad that I saved my receipt because this one is going back since I can't justify the price for only three eyeshadows.

Purchased: Sephora 
Price: $62

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Diaper Bag For A Stylish Mom!

I must have looked at about thousand diaper bags in a period of two months, every single one just did not look like something I wanted to be carrying everyday for months. The truth is we call it a baby bag, but in reality it becomes OUR bag and our bag should look however mom wants..... Unless mom wants a winnie the pooh diaper bag to go with her outfit, in that case this post is not for you. 

I can't tell you how happy I was to find this organizer insert, it is a life and style savior. Totesavvy has compartments to fit everything organized and neat which its a must for us multitasking and always on the go. It is water proof and it fits inside most of my totes and large handbags seamlessly. ToteSavvy comes in classic black and grey, I bought the black for more versatility. 

Look at the pictures below and see a few of the handbags I use this insert with and also al the compartments it has! For long trips where more clothing, diapers etc is needed I purchased this diaper bag from Pottery Barn. 

As of the day of this post use code HOLIDAY15 to save $15 off your order. This is not a sponsored review, I purchased this with my own mula. 

Amount: $79.99