Sunday, October 15, 2017

I Use Dermaflash To Shave My Skin And This Why You Should Too!

I remember the first time I tried shaving it did not go as "smooth" as I planned it in my head. I used a BIC three blade razor and well my skin did not react so well. I broke out, I even cut my skin (ouch) and took half of my brow off. Fast forward a couple of years later, I tried waxing the hairs off and this time it went really bad for my skin. I broke out like I had never broken out before and it took months for my skin to clear out. I was left with no desire to remove my little vellus hair, until one day years later my esthetician asked me if I wanted to add dermaplaning to my facial. I went on to tell her my past experiences and she laughed and said girl I got you. 
Turns out the reason I was breaking out before was very obvious, I was over exfoliating by using three blades. I also irritated my skin by using hot wax to my sensitive thin skin. 

I was hesitant but decided to try dermaplaning the fancy name for shaving. It was amazing, my skin looked radiant, smooth, more even tone, my makeup went on more effortless, I needed less product. The only downside was the price tag. It added a whopping $75 to my already expensive monthly facial.

I was shopping for skincare products one day and came across Dermaflash and well it made perfect sense to own this little tool. I can do my own dermaplanning at home whenever I want to and save money! I achieved the same awesome benefits as the professional dermaplaning at a fraction of the price. 

Dermaflash is easy to use, its a three-step system: Prep, Edge, Soothe. First, you prep the face with the included cleanser. Then, insert a new Edge into the device and using short feathery strokes, use the device on the face to remove built debris, dead skin cells, and peach fuzz. Lastly,  soothe the skin with the Hydrating Moisturizer

Here are some more tips to follow, for how to use your dermaflash and have the best experience with it: 

-Use DERMAFLASH one time per week for maximum benefits. 
-DERMAFLASH is for use on a woman’s face only.  
-Follow the three-step method: Prep, Edge, Soothe 
-Charge device overnight before use. Device will not charge with Edge in place.
-Insert a new Edge prior to each treatment.

The last one is the most important to follow, don't reuse the blades. This is how you can cause irritation and breakouts, the secret to dermaplanning success is always making sure you use a brand new blade and use awesome products for your skin to absorb and benefit from. Below is a video of how I use my dermaflash! 


I want to note that Dermaflash sent me a devise for me to try and give my honest opinion. I only review products I love and use. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

I Got To Try Dermablend New Flawless Creator Foundation Drops And These Are My Thoughts!

I get so excited to try new makeup, will I love it?, will I hate it?, will this product become a holy grail? These are all questions going thru my head right before the product touches my skin. I know, I know it just makeup but well makeup is a very important thing in my life. I got to try Dermablends new foundation and I'm just going to cut thru the chase and tell you I LOVE IT! I was so relieved, yes relieved when I applied this foundation looked in the mirror and saw perfection. I could end this review right here and leave it at that but I'll tell you more details about why its AMAZING.....

Heres some important details about Dermablends Flawless Creator Foundation Drops: 

  • Contains 33% concentrated pigments for weightless, customizable coverage anyone can wear.
  • Uniquely silky texture is blendable, buildable and customizable.
  • Multi-use: water-free and oil-free foundation formula for seamless blendability when used alone or mixed with skincare.
  • Flawless Creator is formulated without parabens and is a vegan formula: no animal-derived ingredients or by-products.

I loved it because of all that and it simply made my skin look perfect, even my grandmother commented how great my skin looked. The wearability is like no other foundation I own, the first day I used it I wore it for 16 hours, yes you read that correctly 16!!! I looked at the mirror right before I jumped in the shower and to my surprise my face was still on, even my highlight was still barely but showing. Thats a big deal for us makeup lovers, especially for me, a mother of four two of them under two that are constantly touching my face, I'm kissing them all day, I sweat a lot, I have combination skin that starts to get oilier by mid day. These are all factors that play against the longevity and quality of my makeup, but on this day it was not even an issue. 

As I demonstrated on this video I mixed it with my favorite sunscreen, my idea behind this was to make it more of a bb cream, and then I applied it solo on the areas I wanted to contour/bronze. Since then I have used it almost every way possible. However as my summer tan sadly is fading this shade is a little darker then my complexion so mixing it for a lighter coverage will definitely be my go to. 

I also tried their translucent powder and a buffing brush, they both work to perfection. 


FTC: Sponsored by Dermablend Professional. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my viewers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.

Monday, September 11, 2017

How To Prep Your Skin Before A Big Event!

I don't know about you but I get so anxious about the condition of my skin before an event, the makeup artist in me knows that for a flawless makeup application one must have a perfect canvas. Thanks to the years of beauty product hoarding and well being completely obsessed with makeup I found the perfect routine for me. 

EXFOLIATION is key people, if you ignore everything else in this post don't ignore this part. Exfoliating your skin will not only remove dull, dead skin, it will give you an immediate glow and allow every single product you apply after to go on smoothly and with minimum effort. Great skin will make any makeup you use work to its best potential I promise you. 

Below is my current go to for an instant face glow and makeup ready skin, everytime I do this my makeup looks absolutely stunning and wears all night. 

Glowstar Foaming Peeling Perfection Puff

Description from their website: 
STARSKIN® Glowstar™ Foaming Soft Peeling Perfection Puff is a unique patented peeling and exfoliating puff that removes pore-clogging dead skin cells that cause dull skin. A blend of natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids, carrot and broccoli extract create a rich lather that effectively and safely slough away dead skin, to help visibly reduce wrinkles and brighten skin tone. This easy, at-home treatment can be used twice a week after cleansing, to help boost the efficacy of the organic and innovative skincare routine that follows. Skin glows as if lit from within. The secret to flawlessly radiant celebrity skin, now revealed.
- Removes clogged pores and dead skin cells, reusable up to 3 times
- Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and reveals radiant skin
- Easy to use, at home peeling treatment with professional results 

My Review: 

This peeling puff is the bomb you guys, I have purchased this like three times and its so worth it. My skin is left exfoliated, looking brighter, clearer, smother and its so simple to use. 

I love using eye masks, I have puffy under eye bags that are a pain in my butt. I fin that when I use under eye masks they do improve and the concealer wears more smooth and I need less product. One brand I recently used and really liked was Wish Formula panda eye essence. My eyes definitely looked fighter and less swollen after 30 minutes of wearing this mask. 

Lips need love too, I purchased this pack of lip masks from Homegoods for $2.99!!

Finally after exfoliating your skin, you need to hydrate it and give it some nutrients! I love applying sheet masks after I exfoliate so that my skin can absorb all the goodness. 

This one from Peach And Lilly is really nice, I love how my skin feels after I use it and I don't have to rinse it off because it wears great under makeup. 


Shea Butter Lip Mask 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

I Tried Kim Kardashians KKW Beauty Contour Palette And This Is My Review!

I don't know if I'm alone here but when Kim Kardashian announced that she would be releasing her beauty line I could care less. Let me clarify that I don't either love or hate Kim, I find her to be a beautiful and very hard working woman that turned a negative into a multi-million empire. Her first release was the contouring sticks that I absolutely knew I did not want or need to try, the powder contour kit however did catch my attention. 

I watched a few of the Youtube videos she's brilliantly doing to promote her products and I was convinced that this may be a winner. On the launch date I went to the KKW Beauty website and to my surprise they were all available, the website was running smooth, no check out lines. I picked the shade medium and proceeded to the check out. The palette itself is $52 plus a $8.95 shipping fee, I don't know about you but I thought that was pretty high. 

The palette comes with four pans, two highlight shades and two contouring/bronzing shades, it also includes a double ended brush. My first impression of the palette is pretty, I like the nude packaging and the feel. The palette has a very nice big mirror and the pans are fairly large, the colors however looked a lot more orange than I was expecting. This immediately gave me a bad feeling since orange isn't really the shades I want on my contouring and bronzing kit. 

I proceeded to do my makeup how I normally do and then used the contouring kit, using the brush it comes with was very hard. The brush itself is larger and stiffer than I like my brushes to feel. After unsuccessfully using the brush I proceeded to use my own brushes. The color did apply smoother, however I was only able to use one of the two contouring shades. The orange shade is to much on the face but it was nice on the eyes. The highlighting shades were too ashy on my skin, it accentuated my pores and did not give me that glow I was looking and hoping for. I did my whole eye makeup with the palette as well. I apologize for not swatting the products in my arms they were not photographing well and I had to run out. The contouring color I was able to use on the face blended out really nice and looked great. 

I have to say this palette is not worth the hype or price, I feel its way to over priced and the formula needs some major improvements. My main disappointment is that Kim is a medium shade, I assumed that if she was putting any thought on the creation of her palettes, the one palette that should be on point is the medium. The highlight are to chalky on my skin and just don't work, and the brush like I said don't help the powders blend smoothly. If I was Kim I would put a little more thought on creating shades more complimentary to ALL skin shades. I would also make the brush softer and one end skinnier for a better highlight application. All four colors looked good on my eyes, but thats not enough to justify this purchase. 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

I Added Origins GinZing To My Morning Routine And Here Is What Happened!

 When Influencer notified me that I was one of the lucky ones to be chosen for a Origins Vobox I was pretty excited. As nice as it is to receive free products to try, its even nicer to receive brands you already love and trust. Origins make some of my favorite skin care products and I was very happy to try these ones out. 

They sent me three full size products to try from their GinZing line, a refreshing scrub cleanser, a energy boosting gel moisturizer and theirs refreshing eye cream.

Heres the description of the products from their website;

Origins GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser $20.50 2 in 1 scrubby cleanser fortified with radiance-boosting Panax Ginseng and energizing Coffee Beans. Natural Jojoba and Carnauba Wax gently exfoliate to help unclog pores. Skin looks smoother, brighter. Feels perfectly refreshed. Plus, uplifting aroma of Grapefruit, Lemon and Spearmint perks you up so you're ready to face the day!

GinZing Energy Boosting Gel Moisturizer $28.50 This lightweight, oil-free, energizing moisturizer instantly hydrates and revs up radiance. It's fortified with legendary skin-boosters like Panax Ginseng and Coffee Bean. Lackluster-looking skin is rapidly refreshed and revitalized to create a healthy, vibrant glow.

GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream $31 Late night? Long flight? Look tired all the time? Our clinically-proven morning-after eye cream instantly reduces dark circles. Unsightly bags and puffiness virtually disappear. It's formulated with Coffee Beans, Panax Ginseng, Magnolia Extract and natural optic brighteners. Rapidly wakes up, refreshes and restores radiance to tired eyes.

Heres What I Have To Say:

Absolutely loved every single one of these products so much that they have been used almost lately for the past month. 

The cleanser is used by my husband everyday, I only use it every other day. The cleanser smells and feels really nice on the skin and doesn't leave the skin feeling too dry. 

The moisturizer was great to substitute my heavier creams to in the hot days, but still  leaving my skin feeling supple and hydrated. 

The eye cream is a holy grail for dark circles!!! My under eyes are brighter and I dint need as much concealer when I use it to prime my eyes. 

Overall this is a great line, I will not use the moisturizer if you have dry skin as it may not provide the hydration you seek for. I loved how my skin feels and I actually see an improvement in my dark circles. These three Origins Ginzing  products gets a 10 from me. 

As mentioned in the top these products were sent to me to try, however these are my own personal opinions.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Day Time Date Outfit!

Taking out time to go on a date with my husband seems almost impossible sometimes, four kids don't make the process any easier. We find that day dates are much easier to do, the two older ones are in school and we only have to part away from the little ones for a couple of hours while they are napping. 

The picking out outfit however isn't always easy, I mean I want to look my best for my husband. I also don't want to over dress, thats when a pair of great fitting jeans always save the day. To look a little more put together I went with black jeans and paired it with this beautiful top and heels. 

Top: Tobi
Jeans: Joes Jeans
Heels: Steve Madden 
Bag: Chloe